HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems) allow you to alter and maintain a comfortable indoor environment, providing a comfortable temperature and an acceptable level of indoor air quality. Cooling systems, on the other hand, are often used to keep a room, environment, or mechanical element cool.

HVAC and Cooling Systems include everything you need to maintain the temperature and air quality of a room, space, or building – think air conditioning and ventilation systems and accessories, boilers, burners, central heating elements, chimneys, fireplaces, heat pumps, natural ventilators, transpired solar collectors, and more.

Using SpecifiedBy, you can search the biggest range of products in the UK, allowing you to source and compare the HVAC and Cooling Systems products for your project, from the industry’s leading suppliers, such as AmbiRad, Baxi Domestic, Colt UK, and Gaia Climate Solutions.

Search and compare boilers, radiators, circulator pumps, fan convectors, air separators, outdoor sensors, firetables, solar panels, and much, much more.

Herschel Inspire Picture Panel - Have Any Picture on Your Picture Panel Heater, or Choose from Our Selection

Heat My Space & Alfresco365
Have Any Picture on Your Picture Panel Heater, or Choose from Our Selection Frameless as Standard, or Chose from a Selection of Frames (+£60 Surcharge) Energy Efficient & Sleek | 10 Year Warranty | High Quality Enforced Safety Glass (ESG) The Herschel In...

VAM - Acoustic Whole House Fan - Up to 6 Rooms

Aereco Ltd
Great capacity and low consumption. Thanks to its slim design and silent running, the VAM fan is ideal for installation in inhabited spaces, such as cupboards or ceiling voids. With its powerful motor, the VAM can extract from up to 6 wet rooms . The operat...

Architen Ventilation

Architen Landrell
No one likes a stuffy hot space.  One way to introduce fresh air and release heat is through Architen Ventilation. Architen Ventilation is an engineered system comprising hinged ETFE panels incorporated in the design of the ETFE system. Actuated panels can b...

Underfloor Heating System - OMNIE LowBoard (22mm)

LowBoard 22 is a 22mm thick chipboard tongued and grooved moisture resistant underfloor heating panel that is floated or mechanically fixed over a flat and even timber or solid sub floor. When using tiles as the floor finish, it is recommended that the LowBoar...

X-CUBE Central Air Handling Unit

- TROX sets a new standard in the AHU market and defines considerably higher levels of quality, performance, flexibility, reliability, energy efficiency, and hygiene. - TROX now offers everything from a single source: air handling units and components – id...

V2A - Acoustic Whole House/Individual Apartment Fan - 2 Rooms

Aereco Ltd
Discretion and comfort. With its silent operation and compact construction, the V2A can be discretely fitted into the inhabited space of the dwelling inside a cupboard, loft space or ceiling void. This fan can serve up to two demand controlled extract units ...

Type DID 312 - Active Chilled Beam

Active chilled beam with two-way air discharge, 300mm nominal width, vertical heat exchanger and condensate drip tray. Active chilled beam for heating and cooling, with 2-pipe or 4-pipe heat exchanger, for integration with various ceiling systems. The cond...

DeepClean Anti-ligature LST Radiator - Floor Mounted Gradient Top

Contour Heating Products Ltd
Fast and simple internal access for cleaning and maintenance is an essential requirement in environments such as hospitals, schools, care homes and other public spaces. To make these regular processes more efficient, Contour Heating designed the DeepClean Radi...

KYROS - 15 elements conservatory electric radiator (short)

Rointe UK
The energy smart electric radiator that makes life easier in a new "short" version designed for under windows e.g. conservatories. The second-generation KYROS radiators use a careful choice of components and materials to make them second to none. High purity a...

Vario B Compact Control Pack

Uponor Ltd
Suitable for up to 15kW heating load, this compact lightweight underfloor thermostatic mixing control set comes complete with Wilo Yono Para pump and safety high limit sensor. The unit has been designed for direct connection to heating manifolds with 225mm pip...
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Did you know that the most common Typical Building Type for products within the HVAC & Cooling Systems category are Retail , Hospitals and Factories?'

TecnoFlex Plus 904L Packs

Schiedel Chimney Systems Ltd
TecnoFlex has a number of features: Unique joint design giving exceptional strength to the lock. Both inner and outer layers made from corrosion-resistant 316L stainless steel. Corrugated outer skin for high crush resistance. Extra smooth inner skin allows fo...

Herschel Advantage IR 1300 / 1950- HeatMySpace

Heat My Space & Alfresco365
Ideal for Warehouse & Industrial Units Website Link - https://heatmyspace.co.uk/product/herschel-advantage-ir-1300-1950/ ...

Type FD - Ceiling Swirl Diffuser

For comfort zones, with fixed air control blades Circular and square ceiling swirl diffusers that create high induction levels, for high room air change rates - Nominal sizes 300, 400, 500, 600, 625 - Volume flow rate range 9 – 235 l/s or 31 – 846 m...

THERMOSLATE System with hook - Natural slate Solar Thermal collector

THERMOSLATE® roof solar collectors are the only solar system to use the properties of natural slate, converting sunlight to energy to produce heating, hot water or for pool heating. Moreover, our system enhances a building´s aesthetics and efficiency, is sim...

DeepClean Anti-Ligature Radiator Guard - Wall Mounted Square Top

Contour Heating Products Ltd
Contour's specialist radiator guard solutions have been specially designed to be applied in a range of environments such as school, mental health hospitals and prisons. In these environments, safety is a paramount concern and there DeepClean Anti-ligature Radi...

D Series - 13 elements electric radiator

Rointe UK
The D SERIES radiator is the first in the world to incorporate an internal Wi-Fi module. It allows the user to control all the features of the product together or individually from a smartphone, tablet or PC with the free Rointe Connect mobile app. With a new ...

Type VD - Ceiling swirl diffuser for high rooms, with adjustable air control blades

Square ceiling swirl diffusers, with manual or motorised adjustment of the air pattern to ensure draught-free ventilation of the occupied zone both in heating and cooling modes - Nominal sizes 425, 600, 775, 1050 - Volume flow rate range 95 – 1490 l/s or...

VBP - Hybrid Assistance Fan

Aereco Ltd
Optimising passive stack ventilation performances. The very low powered, low pressure VBP hybrid fan is designed to be installed in conjunction with Passive Stack Ventilation (PSV) systems, or low pressure Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) systems (when us...

Type XARTO - a ceiling swirl diffuser for more refined comfort zones with special demands on architecture and design, with fixed air control blades

Circular and square ceiling swirl diffusers for high volume flow rates at low sound power levels and low differential pressure - Nominal sizes 600, 625 - Volume flow rate range 31 – 265 l/s or 110 – 954 m³/h - Diffuser face made of galvanised sheet s...

Type AFG - Heavy/extra heavy duty floor grille, made of aluminium, with fixed horizontal blades

Single ventilation grilles suitable for raised access floor systems - Nominal size 600 mm x 600 mm - Volume flow rate range 0 - 530 l/s or 0 - 1908 m3/h - Grille face made of aluminium with powder-coat finish - Front border, 6 mm with 6 mm wide blades - ...
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Did you know that the most common Colour(s) for products within the HVAC & Cooling Systems category are White , RAL and Black?'

Aspen® Xtra - Accessories

Aspen Pumps
Aspen Xtra is one of the worlds largest range of HVAC installation accessories. Developed and created for installers using knowledge gained through years of experience in the HVAC Sector, Aspen Xtra was designed to fully complement the pioneering products in t...

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