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    DXR – New!

    Aereco Ventilation Ltd
    DXR is the first residential heat recovery ventilation system that automatically adjusts airflows according to the specific needs of each room. DXR enhances indoor comfort by providing air at a milder temperature (preheated by the heat exchanger integrate...


    Big Ass Fans
    Customers wanted a fan they could take anywhere, so we designed Black Jack with a 6.5-ft (2m) frame to fit through standard interior doors and indoor/outdoor rubber wheels that could handle any terrain. We also gave it handles on both sides, and made it light ...

    Type FD - Air Diffusers

    TROX UK Ltd
    FOR COMFORT ZONES, WITH FIXED AIR CONTROL BLADES Circular and square ceiling swirl diffusers that create high induction levels, for high room air change rates - Nominal sizes 300, 400, 500, 600, 625 - Volume flow rate range 9 – 235 l/s or 31 – 846 m³/h ...

    PIVOT - In-system Fans

    Big Ass Fans
    Point it at a workstation or an assembly line, down an aisle or around a ceiling obstruction. Pivot’s 73 unique mounting positions allow you to aim airflow exactly where you need it most. Mounted from the ceiling or a column, the 6-ft. (1.8m) diameter Pivot...

    AIRGO - Mechanical Ventilators

    Big Ass Fans
    With an 8-ft. (2.4m) diameter and 360-degree angle adjustment capabilities, AirGo® is our biggest, most versatile vertical floor fan. Its compact design and durable construction make it an ideal air movement solution in the toughest of environments. Add the o...

    ESSENCE - In-system Fans

    Big Ass Fans
    Ranging from 8- to 14-ft. (2.4 – to 4.2m) in diameter, Essence® is both an essential money-saving machine and a work of art for commercial spaces, indoors or out. With a gearless direct-drive motor that provides quiet, comforting air movement, Essence is id...

    Vireo HR155CM

    Greenwood Air Management Ltd
    BRAND NEW - For inline or ceiling mounting and suitable for apartments and small houses up to 110m². Includes the latest in Greenwood SMART technology for easy commissioning and right or left handing at the touch of a button! EST Best Practise Performance at ...

    VRV Heat Recovery air curtain

    Biddle Air Systems
    Retailers are being given new opportunities to improve shop floor environments, reduce emissions and save money with the launch of a new air curtain solution connected to the Daikin VRV system. In conjunction with Biddle, Daikin have introduced the first VRVII...

    Type ESW-50REM Smoke Vent

    Bilco natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators are manufactured to comply with all the latest regulations including the Construction Products Regulation 305/2011. All standard vents are supplied CE marked and with a Declaration of Conformity and are manufact...

    Vireo HR155WM

    Greenwood Air Management Ltd
    BRAND NEW: Suitable for small and medium houses 3-4 bedrooms up to 130m². Can be fitted in airing or tall boy cupboard and also includes the latest in Greenwood SMART Technology like Greenwood HumidiSMART which isn't affected by distance and dilution effects....
    Did you know that the most common Features for products within the Air Conditioning & Ventilation category are ceiling , Complies with building regulations Part F and L and panel and window fitting?'

    Heritage SGE

    Elta Fans
    The Heritage SGE range of vertical discharge centrifugal roof extract units has been developed to simplify cleaning and general maintenance and to assist in the collection of grease in applications such as fast food restaurants, commercial kitchens and process...

    PRV 4 Integral 

    William Eagles Ltd
    Product Code(s):WEPRV4 | Pressure Reducing Valves General Description A range of 65mm nominal diameter 'high-pressure' balanced fire hydrant regulating valves comprising of a valve body with an 'Integral Pressure Controlling Element' suitable for both on and ...

    MA50 Range

    This range of air handling units has primarily been designed as an economical, fast build alternative to units having welded steel frames, and offers significant reductions in weight, without losing inherent strength, coupled with good aesthetics and a mainten...

    2400e 12 Litre White Dehumidifier

    Ebac Ltd
    Guaranteed to eliminate your damp problems, condensation problems or mould problems. Operates effectively at low temperatures to 3°, essential for the British winter. Patented Ebac Intelligent Defrost improves dehumidifier efficiency....

    Xcell Compact XR

    Horizontal Mechanical Extract with Heat Recovery Unit The Xcell Compact XR is ideal for smaller dwellings – particularly airtight, modern residential properties with up to two bedrooms. Its heat recovery cell is up to 91% efficient, while a long-life, low...

    Linear Slot Diffuser 5000 Series

    Advanced Air (UK) Ltd
    The Advanced Air 5000 Series Diffuser Plenums are designed specifically to fit the Series 5000 'Ice Tong' Linear Slot Diffusers. They have been designed for flexible duct connection with a model to suit each of the various frame/sub-frame 5000 Series combinat...

    Type VDL - Air Diffusers

    TROX UK Ltd
    FOR HIGH ROOMS, WITH ADJUSTABLE AIR CONTROL BLADES Circular ceiling swirl diffusers, with manual or motorised adjustment of the air pattern to ensure draught-free ventilation of the occupied zone both in heating and cooling modes - Nominal sizes 315, 400, 63...

    DF MUA - Air Heaters

    Constant volume direct fired make up air heaters to provide a fixed rate of heated fresh air to the space. The units are ideal for supplying heating and make up air to large areas or to individual spray booths etc, where constant extract rates are used. Ge...

    V4A Premium

    Aereco Ventilation Ltd
    The V4A fan has been designed to ventilate a complete dwelling, with up to four extract units located in the kitchen, toilet(s) and bathroom(s). Easily hidden in a loft space, cupboard or ceiling void, the V4A will provide you all the comfort and air quality y...

    Heritage SCHT

    Elta Fans
    The Heritage SCHT is a range of roof mounted centrifugal fans which is designed to handle clean, grease laden or contaminated air, whilst providing easy access for cleaning...
    Did you know that the Length for products within the Air Conditioning & Ventilation category, can range from 1 mm to 4550 mm and the average is 1251 mm?

    Skyflow SSF

    Elta Fans
    Featuring our new high efficiency impeller, the Skyflow SSF is a lightweight range of horizontal discharge roof extract units, which balance the need to satisfy architect’s modern day building needs against a low silhouette design. The Skyflow is UV stabilis...

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