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    UNIMAT Hot Water Boiler UT-M

    Bosch Industriekessel
    Our proven UNIMAT 3-pass design has been used for decades – with overwhelming success. The UT-M is offered in various sizes and can also be used in a pooled-output multi-boiler system. It is CE certified and is designed and equipped in compliance with the Eu...

    NEOflo - Commercial Building Boilers

    Baxi Commercial
    The NEOflo from Andrews Water Heaters is a range of high efficiency direct fired storage water heaters. They have low internal pressure loss which makes them the perfect solution for commercial applications in areas where low water pressure is a problem....

    Max-3 oil-gas steel shell boiler

    Thermal output 420 - 3000 kW. The Max-3 boiler has a three pass design and dimpled tubes on the gas side. This commercial boiler which runs on gas, oil or dual fuel has high efficiency with low NOx emissions, and as such makes good economic and environmental s...

    UltraGas 15-100

    The UltraGas® condensing boiler with patented aluFer® heat exchanger delivers the highest ­efficiency and cost effective performance. The wide range of boilers match any customer’s requirement....

    Fleet H - Commercial Building Boilers

    Hamworthy Heating
    Horizontal floor standing condensing modular boilers, natural gas, outputs 40kW to 350kW...


    Baxi Commercial
    The Baxi SenerTec UK Dachs mini-CHP system uses an internal combustion engine that can be fuelled by either natural gas or LPG. Designed for use in larger residential buildings or commercial premises, the flexibility of using a multi module system means that t...

    THSD-I E - Industrial Building Boilers

    The THSD-I E is an industrial steam boiler producing 2000 to 20000kg/hr of steam with a working pressures of 10, 13 or 16 bar. The steam boiler can be fired on oil or gas. Hoval high output steam boilers are made of high quality steel and are distinguished by ...

    Flexicom sx

    Compact and flexible range of condensing Sealed System boilers. The first High Efficiency boiler in the UK with a direct rear flue and cupboard fit* available in 18 & 30 kW outputs....

    UltraOil 16-80

    The unmistakable core of UltraOil® is the patented aluFer® heat exchanger. In combination with advanced condensation technology and the 2-stage burner, UltraOil® is second to none in terms of energy efficiency, economy and amortisation period....

    Imax Xtra - Floor Standing

    Ideal Commercial Heating
    The Imax Xtra range of condensing boilers is offered in ten models with outputs from 80 to 560 kW suitable for floor standing application in either single or multiple applications....
    Did you know that the Height for products within the Boilers category, can range from 120 mm to 5245 mm and the average is 1439 mm?

    Lasian Biomaster 25 – 32

    Docherty Chimney Group
    Compact steel body with 3-pass boiler. Available with 2 hoppers: 112 kg (S ) and 230 kg (L ). Control system incorporates EFI PLUS. The exchanger has an automatic cleaning system using oscillating springs. Maximum efficiency and minimum emissions with an effic...

    STU 195-975

    The STU is a modulating high efficiency skid mounted commercial wood pellet boiler fitted with external stoker and fuel pick-up system. The STU ranges from 195kW to 975kW. A flexi-worm feed screw is available to connect to storage facilities as an alternative ...

    Fleet Wall Hung Condensing Modular Boilers

    Hamworthy Heating
    Fleet, the most versatile boiler ever. Hamworthy designed and built, Fleet boilers offers the choice of wall hung, floor standing horizontal and floor standing vertical configurations from a single brand. Available in 8 models, with outputs from 40kW to ...

    Fleet V - Commercial Building Boilers

    Hamworthy Heating
    Vertical floor standing condensing modular boilers, natural gas, outputs 80kW to 1050kW...

    MagVent Air & Dirt Separator Removable Type

    Fabricated Products
    Magvent Air, Dirt & Magnetite Separator Demountable. Air Magnetite Sludge and Dirt Removal from Heating / Chilled Water Systems. Air Magnetite Sludge and Dirt in heating and chilled water systems can be the cause of major problems such as pump failure, corrosi...

    Evomax Cascade - Low Height

    Ideal Commercial Heating
    The Low Height Frame and Header Kits make installation much simpler in circumstances of reduced headroom, offering an option of replacing a floor standing atmospheric boiler with a high efficiency model. Three options are available allowing for outputs from 30...

    UNIVERSAL Steam Boiler U-MB

    Bosch Industriekessel
    The U-MB steam boiler is a three-pass flame and smoke tube boiler. It consists of several modules, namely the heat generating section in three-pass construction, the steam chamber on top of this, and an integrated economizer. Since it is a genuine three-pass b...

    Wessex ModuMax mk2

    Hamworthy Heating
    High efficiency fully modulating condensing pre-mix boilers. Output 100kW to 750kW...

    Ultimate c

    The Ultimate is the new City Plumbing Supplies exclusive boiler range from Glow-worm. Designed and manufactured at Glow-worm’s industry-leading facilities in Belper, Derbyshire. The straightforward, boiler range is easy to use & install and supported with a ...

    NXR5i - Commercial Building Boilers

    Baxi Commercial
    The Potterton Commercial NXR5i is a range of floor standing pressure jet boilers. They are exceptionally robust with an advanced heat exchanger which offers reliability and efficiency in line with Part L2 of the Building Regulations. They are often installed i...
    Did you know that the Width for products within the Boilers category, can range from 150 mm to 3900 mm and the average is 1139 mm?

    EasyTreat Chemical Dosing Pot

    Fabricated Products
    SS EasyTreat Chemical Dosing Pots. The EasyTreat chemical dosing pot is an innovative water treatment solution for Heating & Cooling water systems that provides the results of high-performance liquid treatment programs, yet is easier to use and is more environ...

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    Boilers play a key role in any central heating system – helping to heat a property effectively and efficiently.
    There a number of different types of boiler systems available, combi boilers, heat-only systems, and system boilers. Boilers have a wide range of applications in commercial, residential, and industrial properties.
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