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    TRK-Chilly Range

    F&R Products Limited
    Small Chillers for Oils and Emulsion Fluids Range of 4 units with duties from 2.1kW up to 5.5kW (larger duties – see GAMMA range) Chillers for emulsion fluids (max 5% oil in fluid) Chillers for oils (max viscosity ISO VG 32) Compact Immersion chillers easy ...

    Hiline Aqua Cool - Pre-insulated Process Cooling Pipe System

    CPV Ltd
    Hiline Aqua Cool is a complete, pre-insulated polymer pipe system specifically developed for the safe and efficient conveyance of cooling media for environment control and industrial process applications. Its bonded, composite construction offers outstanding t...

    Hyfra Sigma Series

    F&R Products Limited
    General Features: New generation of micro channel, high efficiency aluminium multichannel condensers with protection grills Fully hermetic scroll type gas cooled compressor Generous capacity self insulating PE tank: ensuring stable and accurate temperature con...

    CXVE - Refrigeration Equipment

    Baltimore Aircoil International nv
    CXVE condensers are factory-built and shipped in sections for larger models to reduce the overall size and weight, allowing easy on-site section assembly with smaller crane. Star in energy efficiency: Evaporative cooling PLUS unique combined heat transfer sys...

    Cold Cabinet

    Aspen Pumps
    A superior stainless steel refrigeration pump built to last. Designed to fit beneath refrigeration units, it pumps away defrost water and filters debris....

    ERRP - Refrigeration Equipment

    Aspen Pumps
    Made of robust plastic, the lightweight ERRP (Economical Retail Refrigeration Pump) effectively pumps away defrost water and filters debris....

    i-BDC 013m - 210m

    Climaveneta UK Ltd
    Dry Cooler with EC axial-type fan(s) for outdoor installation. Installation may be vertical with a horizontal air outflow or, using special brackets, horizontal with an upward air outflow. The very low noise, adjustable-speed fans are excellent for use in both...

    VCL - Refrigeration Equipment

    Baltimore Aircoil International nv
    Low height: Very low height: fits perfectly on roof tops or tight enclosures. Easy installation: VCL condensers are factory-assembled. We ship in one piece for easy on-site lifting and installation. VCL offers high capacity and minimum operating weight. Save ...

    Industrial Refrigeration Machinery

    Environmental Process Systems Ltd
    SCM range refrigeration machinery covers a wide range of standard as well as custom-made condensing units, low temperature chillers and associated system components as a one-stop shop utilising any type of environmentally friendly refrigerants. Standard air ...

    SP SpartiumCooler

    Baltimore Aircoil International nv
    Cheaper to ship and install: SpartiumCoolers fit on standard trucks. Pre-coolers are factory-installed and small cranes are all you need to mount coolers on-site. Water saving: SpartiumCoolers achieve annual water savings exceeding 80% water compared to norma...

    eChilly Range - Process Water Coolers

    F&R Products Limited
    Popular range of low cost packaged water chillers with cooling capacities ranging from 0.5kW to 6.8kW whilst operating in ambients up to 42°C. Compact in size, they are designed to fit below or on top of a bench and emit a noise level of only 65 to 70db’A...

    RCU Range - Refrigeration Equipment

    F&R Products Limited
    British made Packaged Water Chillers that can be considered to be the most versatile in the market today. Designed to fulfil a great number of applications, coil-in-tank water chillers as standard are able to cope with: High water flow Low water flow Water te...

    WA634ACH/1234BC Water Chiller

    Calorex Heat Pumps Ltd
    Model: WA634ACH/1234BC water chiller Applications: Villas, leisure pools, commercial process water cooling Manufactured in the UK using globally recognised premium components Calorex WA634ACH/1234BC water chillers are an ideal means of cooling water in a varie...

    Inline Components

    Environmental Process Systems Ltd
    Our experiences throughout the world have resulted in the development of a wide range of line components and control valves to satisfy all types of HVAC, Building Services and Refrigeration applications. Furthermore, a wide range of specialised pipeline compo...

    AW250/450 - Space Cooling

    Calorex Heat Pumps Ltd
    The AW250/450 SC heat pump range consists of compact wall mounted air cooling units designed for use in beer cellars, produce storage, kitchens and small hot water plant rooms, ie. heat recovery for space cooling or heat recovery for hot water production. Thes...

    i-BRE 014m - 190b

    Climaveneta UK Ltd
    Remote condensers with axial-type fan(s) for outdoor installation. Installation may be vertical with a horizontal air outflow or, using special brackets, horizontal with an upward air outflow. The EC motor fans with very low noise and adjustable-speed fans are...

    SCU Range - Refrigeration Equipment

    F&R Products Limited
    SCU Range Fully self contained with all operations and safety controls. 5 models 1.4 – 8.1kW nominal capacity. Non-ferrous high pressure pump circuit. Low operating noise levels. 1.Lockable control panel 2.Sound insulation material 3.Electrical control box ...

    Potable Water Cooling Systems

    Environmental Process Systems Ltd
    Traditional Potable Water and Juice Cooling systems rely on either Direct Expansion or Secondary Heat Transfer Fluid to cool the product. Many food processes such as Dough Mixing, Fruit Salads and Vegetable cooling require potable water as cold as 1 deg C, whi...

    Gamma Range

    F&R Products Limited
    Chillers for Oils and Emulsion Fluids Range of 14 units with duties from 3.6kW up to 84kW (smaller duties available – see TRK range) Chillers for emulsion fluids (max 5% oil in fluid) Chillers for oils (max viscosity ISO VG 32) Compact size (only 1m2 with d...

    HCAT 0152 - 0604

    Climaveneta UK Ltd
    Outdoor split-system unit for connection with direct expansion coils or remote exchangers, with hermetic rotary scroll compressors, axial-flow fans, compressor inlet and outlet valves with servicing plugs and liquid tap. External panels in Peraluman and base i...

    MICS-C 0072 - 0122

    Climaveneta UK Ltd
    MICS-C is the Climaveneta range of air-cooled liquid chillers with gas R410A. They are fitted with hermetic Scroll compressors and Full Floating technology. The latter is an intelligent electronic unit providing the perfect answer to residential market require...

    Cooling & Refrigeration Building Products

    Cooling and Refrigeration systems and solutions are designed to deliver effective and efficient cooling services – think refrigeration equipment and space cooling.
    Offering a range of applications, these products are most frequently used in tertiary and commercial sectors, and technological and civil applications, as well as in factories, residential properties, and more.
    SpecifiedBy allows you to search the UK marketplace to source and compare an extensive range of Cooling and Refrigeration solutions from leading manufacturers such as Climaveneta UK Ltd, Baltimore Aircoil International, Calorex Heat Pumps Ltd, and CPV Ltd.
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