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    DXR – New!

    Aereco Ventilation Ltd
    DXR is the first residential heat recovery ventilation system that automatically adjusts airflows according to the specific needs of each room. DXR enhances indoor comfort by providing air at a milder temperature (preheated by the heat exchanger integrate...


    Big Ass Fans
    Customers wanted a fan they could take anywhere, so we designed Black Jack with a 6.5-ft (2m) frame to fit through standard interior doors and indoor/outdoor rubber wheels that could handle any terrain. We also gave it handles on both sides, and made it light ...


    Nor-Ray-Vac is a gas fired continuous radiant tube heating system, designed specially for the building it is required to heat. The following criteria form the basis of each particular system design: Heat loss of the building for the required thermal environm...

    Sentinel LST

    Jaga Heating Products
    The stylish Sentinel LST radiatoris ideal for the provision of safe heating in sheltered accommodation, care homes and other healthcare environments. With an 85mm projection from the wall, the Sentinel LST offers a perfect combination of attractive contemporar...

    Cocoon LST

    Jaga Heating Products
    The classic low surface temperature radiator, the horizontal lines of the Cocoon's front panel have become the standard design for all lesser imitations of this safe but powerful radiator. Ideal for all situations where vulnerable people may be present, from n...

    Recoup Drain+ Duo

    Recoup Energy Solutions Ltd
    The Recoup Drain+Duo HE offers our incredible shower heat recovery technology in a WWHRS integrated wet-room drain / channel system. A true design focal point, with market-leading energy efficiency of up to 57.3%. Uniquely, this state of the art Waste Water...

    Architen Ventilation

    Architen Landrell
    No one likes a stuffy hot space.  One way to introduce fresh air and release heat is through Architen Ventilation. Architen Ventilation is an engineered system comprising hinged ETFE panels incorporated in the design of the ETFE system. Actuated panels can b...

    Type FD - Air Diffusers

    TROX UK Ltd
    FOR COMFORT ZONES, WITH FIXED AIR CONTROL BLADES Circular and square ceiling swirl diffusers that create high induction levels, for high room air change rates - Nominal sizes 300, 400, 500, 600, 625 - Volume flow rate range 9 – 235 l/s or 31 – 846 m³/h ...

    QRL Topaz - Radiators

    QRL Radiators
    A stunning rounded tube on tube towel radiator. The Topaz will complement both modern and traditional tastes and is available in a range of sizes and colours. With high heat output the Topaz is also efficient at warming your room space as well as your towels....

    QRL Crystal

    QRL Radiators
    A stylish tube in tube towel radiator available with a straight or curved tube design option. The Crystal towel radiator will suit a range of bathroom shapes and sizes, from the spacious family bathroom to the smallest of cloakrooms....
    Did you know that the Height for products within the HVAC & Cooling Systems category, can range from 2 mm to 18010 mm and the average is 1076 mm?

    PIVOT - In-system Fans

    Big Ass Fans
    Point it at a workstation or an assembly line, down an aisle or around a ceiling obstruction. Pivot’s 73 unique mounting positions allow you to aim airflow exactly where you need it most. Mounted from the ceiling or a column, the 6-ft. (1.8m) diameter Pivot...

    UNIMAT Hot Water Boiler UT-M

    Bosch Industriekessel
    Our proven UNIMAT 3-pass design has been used for decades – with overwhelming success. The UT-M is offered in various sizes and can also be used in a pooled-output multi-boiler system. It is CE certified and is designed and equipped in compliance with the Eu...

    Windsor Natural Brass TRV

    Our favourite style of radiator valve. Stylish and sleek, and perfect with all of our cast iron radiators. This thermostatic radiator valve is finished in natural brass for a rustic look, with matching shrouds and base plates available separately. Try pairi...

    NEOflo - Commercial Building Boilers

    Baxi Commercial
    The NEOflo from Andrews Water Heaters is a range of high efficiency direct fired storage water heaters. They have low internal pressure loss which makes them the perfect solution for commercial applications in areas where low water pressure is a problem....

    Max-3 oil-gas steel shell boiler

    Thermal output 420 - 3000 kW. The Max-3 boiler has a three pass design and dimpled tubes on the gas side. This commercial boiler which runs on gas, oil or dual fuel has high efficiency with low NOx emissions, and as such makes good economic and environmental s...

    Tuba by Brandoni

    Wakefield Storage & Interiors Ltd
    Walney Radiators has one of the best selections of tuba radiators available on the market. Our comprehensive selection of tubular steel radiators are carefully selected from our Italian manufacturers. Not only do the tubular radiators look great in the fantast...

    Exhaust Air Heat Pump & Heat Recovery

    Black Isle Renewables Ltd
    As insulation and weather stripping improves building efficiency, buildings become more airtight. In terms of energy efficiency this is great, but it does mean that the house becomes less well ventilated. Heat recovery ventilation systems can be standalone de...

    BL 50 Series

    Bridge Louvre Co Ltd
    Aluminium extrusions type 6063-T6 to BS1474 having a minimum thickness of 1.6mm. Mitred frame joints TIG welded for additional strength. The louvre comprises louvre blades inclined at 45° and mounted at 50mm pitch within 50mm, 75mm or 100mm deep frame. Galvan...

    Tempo LST - Radiators

    Jaga Heating Products
    The horizontally lined front panel is simple and classic, and, as an LST (Low Surface Temperature) radiator, it is always safe to touch. The Tempo’s Low-H2O heating element is able to react to temperature changes quickly and efficiently, meaning that only th...

    Slate 10 Range Solar PV Tile

    Monier Redland
    Harnessing solar energy is one of the most attractive and sustainable means of generating zero carbon, renewable energy for use in buildings. Our second generation Photovoltaic (PV) Tile systems have been designed for performance, ease of installation and to b...
    Did you know that the Length for products within the HVAC & Cooling Systems category, can range from 1 mm to 40000 mm and the average is 1314 mm?

    Herschel Advantage IR 1300 / 1950- HeatMySpace

    Sherlock and Watson Ltd t/a HeatMySpace & Alfresco365
    Ideal for Warehouse & Industrial Units ...

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    HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems) allow you to alter and maintain a comfortable indoor environment, providing a comfortable temperature and an acceptable level of indoor air quality. Cooling systems, on the other hand, are often used to keep a room, environment, or mechanical element cool.

    HVAC and Cooling Systems include everything you need to maintain the temperature and air quality of a room, space, or building – think air conditioning and ventilation systems and accessories, boilers, burners, central heating elements, chimneys, fireplaces, heat pumps, natural ventilators, transpired solar collectors, and more.

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