HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems) allow you to alter and maintain a comfortable indoor environment, providing a comfortable temperature and an acceptable level of indoor air quality. Cooling systems, on the other hand, are often used to keep a room, environment, or mechanical element cool.

HVAC and Cooling Systems include everything you need to maintain the temperature and air quality of a room, space, or building – think air conditioning and ventilation systems and accessories, boilers, burners, central heating elements, chimneys, fireplaces, heat pumps, natural ventilators, transpired solar collectors, and more.

Using SpecifiedBy, you can search the biggest range of products in the UK, allowing you to source and compare the HVAC and Cooling Systems products for your project, from the industry’s leading suppliers, such as AmbiRad, Baxi Domestic, Colt UK, and Gaia Climate Solutions.

Search and compare boilers, radiators, circulator pumps, fan convectors, air separators, outdoor sensors, firetables, solar panels, and much, much more.

SMART Touch thermostat - underfloor heating controls

Rointe UK
Intelligent control inside and outside the home. With the SMART Touch thermostat, you´ll be using an intelligent control for our underfloor heating that comes with an auto-learning mode to learn the user´s routine. It will then self-program accordingly. T...

Topguards Buff and Terracotta

Schiedel Chimney Systems Ltd
For fitting to chimney pots. Suitable for use in negative pressure (Dry Chimney) applications. Complies with BS5871 Terminals up to 250mm Features and Benefits Electroplated - Reduces rain entering flue Powder Coated Finish - Same colour as pot Steel Strap...

Type DID 614 - Four way active chilled beam suitable for grid ceilings with grid size 600 or 625

Active chilled beam for heating and cooling, with 2-pipe or 4-pipe heat exchanger, for integration with various ceiling systems. •Preferably for room heights up to 4.00 m •High heating and cooling capacity with a low conditioned primary air volume flow r...

VTZ - Exhaust Fans for Terrace or Pitched Roof

Aereco Ltd
Solidity and performance for collective installations. The VTZ fans range offers five models with capacities going from 500 m3/h up to 7 000 m3/h for the equipment of collective dwellings, offices, schools or other buildings. The VTZ fans are designed for an...

Herschel Advantage IRP4 - Industrial Space Heater, Warehouse & Garage Heater

Heat My Space & Alfresco365
- Industrial Space Heater, Warehouse & Garage Heater - 2.6kW | Far Infrared | 5 Year Warranty - No Fumes or Emissions, No Planning Required - Simple Installation Compared with Traditional Heating Industrial space heater recommended for use in warehouse h...

UESA - Heaters

These 3rd generation units utilise corrosion resistant aluminium in the manufacture of the MacroChannel multipass heat exchanger and are up to 25% lighter than the previous condensing models. The units exceed the requirements of current Building Regulations L...

Type DUK - Jet nozzle for installation into walls and onto rectangular and circular ducts (adjustable and fixed)

Adjustable and fixed jet nozzles achieve long throw distances and have excellent acoustic properties - Nominal sizes: 100, 125, 160, 200, 250, 315 and 400 mm - Volume flow rate range: 15 to 400 l/s or 54 to 1440 m³/h - Visible parts made of aluminium - ...

V4A Premium - Acoustic Whole House Fan - 4 Rooms

Aereco Ltd
Silent operation and efficient ventilation for the whole dwelling. The V4A fan has been designed to ventilate a complete dwelling, with up to four extract units located in the kitchen, toilet(s) and bathroom(s). Easily hidden in a loft space, cupboard or ceil...

G2H Extract Unit - Low-Pressure Demand Controlled Extract Grille

Aereco Ltd
A unique solution accurately optimised for Passive Stack and Hybrid Ventilation. The G2H is the first extract grille accurately optimised for passive stack and hybrid ventilation, for both new-build and refurbishment projects. By offering both automatic modul...

MILOS PVC - underfloor heating system

Rointe UK
The invisible underfloor heating system formed from the perfect mix of radiation and convection. With BEAB approved heating elements, the MILOS PVC underfloor heating solution combines PTFE interior insulation with PVC exterior insulation. The interior insu...
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Did you know that the most common Material(s) for products within the HVAC & Cooling Systems category are Stainless Steel , Aluminium and Cast iron?'

Type AGS - Non vision air transfer wall or door grille

Non-vision air transfer grilles, made of aluminium, with fixed horizontal blades. Ventilation grille with angled blades - Nominal sizes 150 × 105 – 1500 × 985 mm - Volume flow rate range 2 – 850 l/s or 7 – 3060 m³/h - Grille face made of alumini...

Type PWX - Horizontal chassis type fan coil unit for concealed or exposed installations

Application - Waterside fancoil Type PWX designed to provide cooling and heating for comfort and industrial applications – Acoustically optimised EC/DC fans with low specific fan powers and adjustable supply air volume control (0-10v signal) – Acoustica...

Tansun Sorrento Double Heaters plus PIR or Time Lag Switch | £828 - £844.80

Heat My Space & Alfresco365
Best Selling Commercial Use Infrared Heater & Control Package Two Double Tansun Sorrento 3kW Outdoor Quartz Heaters Up to 50m sq Heat Coverage | 2 Year Warranty (excludes Lamps) One Infresco P 6kW Passive Infrared Controller Control Methods: PIR Sensor & P...

Type DCS - Ceiling Swirl Diffuser With Perforated Face

For horizontal swirling supply air discharge creating high induction levels, with fixed air control blades Square ceiling swirl diffusers with perforated face plate, for comfort and industrial zones - Nominal sizes 600, 625 - Volume flow rate range 4 ...

Type AIRNAMIC - Ceiling Swirl Diffuser

For the most demanding requirements of technical function, comfort, and design Circular and square ceiling swirl diffusers with fixed air control blades, for high volume flow rates at low sound power levels and low differential pressure due to innovative po...

Type WAP - Aluminium ventilation grille with fixed horizontal blades (also for horizontal runs)

Ventilation grilles, made of aluminium, with fixed horizontal blades - also for horizontal runs. Single ventilation grilles and horizontal run sections with special profiled blades - Nominal sizes 300 × 75 – 1800 × 600 mm and horizontal run sections -...

Type TRS-R -Ventilation grilles made of sheet steel with individually adjustable verticle blades

Ventilation grille with droplet shaped blades - Nominal sizes 225 × 75 – 1225 × 225 mm - Volume flow rate range 11 – 930 l/s or 40 – 3348 m³/h - Grille face made of galvanised sheet steel - Front border with countersunk holes, 27 mm wide Option...

VCZ - Exhaust Fans for Attics

Aereco Ltd
Solidity and performance for collective installations. The VCZ attic exhaust fans offer 5 models with capacities from 500 m3/h up to 4 100 m3/h for the equipment of collective dwellings, offices, schools or other types of buildings. They are designed for an ...

Underfloor Heating System - Design, technical support and top performing emitters for every floor.

Manufactured and based in the UK, OMNIE specialises in working closely with architects, developers and installers to design an underfloor heating system that is guaranteed to perform with any project. We concentrate on ensuring your underfloor heating works th...

Herschel iQ Single Zone Heater Control Pack

Heat My Space & Alfresco365
Intelligent Control 10 Amp maximum load | Radio Frequency 433Mhz Latest Wireless Technology | 200M Wireless Range (If Unobstructed) 12 Month Warranty (When Used Wit Herschel Heaters To Qualify) The Herschel IQ Control System and controllers have been man...
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Did you know that the Depth for products within the HVAC & Cooling Systems category, can range from 0.58 mm to 2020 mm and the average is 251 mm?

Type VDL - Ceiling swirl diffuser for high rooms with adjustable air control blades

Circular ceiling swirl diffusers, with manual or motorised adjustment of the air pattern to ensure draught-free ventilation of the occupied zone both in heating and cooling modes - Nominal sizes 315, 400, 630, 800 - Volume flow rate range 65 – 1080 l/s o...

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