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Heatrae Sadia
The MEGAFLOEco Solaruses a special solar coil in the base of the cylinder that's designed to ensure maximum heat input and efficiency. The cylinder itself benefits from sophisticated Duplex stainless steel cylinder construction for maximum strength and corrosi...

Megaflo Eco Solar

Taking the lead from the market leading Megaflo Eco, Megaflo Eco Solar provides an abundance of hot water for fast filling baths and invigorating, powerful showers. Running costs are kept low by harnessing the sun's energy to provide the hot water. This is ac...


Heatrae Sadia
The new MEGAFLO Eco Plus range, of high performance cylinders promise a truly outstanding performance when lower pressures are involved. At 1 bar the units can deliver some 79 litres of water per minute which is almost double that of a typical cylinder of this...


Heatrae Sadia
MEGAFLO Ecounits are designed and manufactured to a very high quality using the latest manufacturing techniques. They boast numerous innovative features designed to ensure high levels of operating efficiency. The combination of its lightweight and very strong ...

Megaflo Vertical SHRU

The Megaflo Vertical SHRU (shower heat recovery unit) transfers heat from discharged waste shower water in to the incoming water supply, placing less energy load on the boiler to raise the temperature to the desired level of comfort. This means that running a ...

Megaflo Eco

Megaflo Eco is synonymous with providing exceptionally high levels of comfort and hot water performance. Where an abundance of hot water for fast filling baths and invigorating, powerful showers was once considered a luxury, Megaflo Eco ensures that everyone c...

Megaflo Eco Slimline

Megaflo Eco Slimline is a compact version of the Megaflo Eco, designed for homes where space for a hot water storage cylinder is limited and where standard size cylinders are unlikely to fit. By being taller and slimmer, the Megaflo Eco Slimline stores the sam...

MEGAFLO Eco SolaReady

Heatrae Sadia
Introducing MEGAFLO Eco SolaReady. An innovative combination of a high performance MEGAFLO Eco Solar cylinder and a factory wired and plumbed pump station, the Megaflo Eco SolaReady offers installers and contractors a number of new benefits. All that is requir...

Megaflo Eco SolaReady

Megaflo Eco SolaReady takes much of the complexity out of the solar thermal installation by having the solar thermal system components factory-fitted and factory-wired directly on to the cylinder. To prove the confidence in our advanced technology, every Meg...

Megaflo Eco Plus

Megaflo Eco Plus builds on Megaflo Eco to deliver significantly higher performance levels for more demanding applications. Available in a range of capacities from 250 to 1000 litres, Megaflo Eco Plus delivers outstanding high flow rates of up to 176 litres per...
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Did you know that the Height for products within the Process Heating category, can range from 802 mm to 2160 mm and the average is 1731 mm?

Megaflo Eco Plus Flexistor

The new Flexistor cylinders can be used in a whole host of applications - including installations requiring buffer vessels. This flexibility will also allow the specifier or installer to choose a new Flexistor unvented kit to match their requirements if necess...

Megaflo Eco Plus Solar

Megaflo Eco Plus Solar balances the same benefits of our Megaflo Eco Solar unvented cylinders with the significantly higher performance levels of our Megaflo Eco Plus calorifiers. Ensuring an abundant and powerful supply of hot water at all outlets in either l...

Megaflo Eco SystemFit

Megaflo Eco SystemFit goes one step further than our standard Megaflo Eco by adding factory-fitted plumbing and wiring, making it ready for installation with a heat only boiler - not only saving on installation time but also providing a consistently neater app...

Megaflo Eco SystemReady

With market-leading minimal heat loss figures, heat-up and recovery times, the Megaflo Eco SystemReady provides all the same benefits as our Megaflo Eco SystemFit by adding factory-fitted plumbing and wiring, but is designed to be installed with a system boile...

Megaflo Commercial

Designed for instances of continuous or substantial demand such as hotels, leisure centres, office blocks and shopping malls, when there's often a need for lots of hot water very quickly, without loss in performance. Megaflo Commercial calorifiers provide larg...

Condensate Service ModuleCSM

Bosch Industriekessel
The system consists of the condensate tank, condensate pump module, control cabinet and equipment. The system's piping and thermal insulation is pre-installed ex works. All components are piped, thermally insulated and electrically wired to the highest qualit...

Megaflo Commercial Solar

Megaflo Commercial Solar calorifiers are ideal for use in commercial or large residential properties that want to use the power of the sun to heat their water. If you're looking to have a Megaflo product installed, repaired or serviced, or if you're looking...

Flexalen HT Solar Pipe

Flexenergy Ltd
High Temperature Solar Pipe for above and below ground use Corrugated stainless steel pipe in a pre-insulated casing. Single pipe with high temperature polyolefin foam insulation Thermasmart HT™ UV-resistant flexible outer casing For solar heating, heat pump...