Rooflights and Roof windows allow you to inject light, air, and functionality into the roof of any structure. Rooflights and Roof Windows can have applications in commercial, residential, and industrial properties and structures. This category includes everything from roof windows and rooflights, through to rooflight components.

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Search fire escape roof windows, glazing bar systems, rooflight ventilating kerbs, flat rooflights, insulated rooflights, roof hatches, soackers, moulded rooflights, security rooflights, and much, much more, from leading manufacturers such as Brett Martin, BTS Fabrications, National Domelight Company, Staka Roof Access Hatches, Jupiter Blue, Lumen Rooflight, and Sola Skylights.

RoofLITE - Nito

The NITO collection is a range of central pivot roof windows with special slimline wooden profile equipped with a ventilation valve which allows comfort and added value for all budgets. It can be installed in a roof pitch from 15 to 90 degrees. Passive ventil...

Mk 8 Advance

BBS Building Components
MK8 Advance is exclusive in its ability to glaze an infinite length. It is manufactured to the same standards as our MK1 range using UV protected solid polycarbonate which has an exceptionally high impact strength and optical clarity, making it the ideal mater...

CI System F100 Rooflight Domes

Lamilux have re-invented the classic rooflight dome, with the F100. Utilising the latest materials and manufacturing techniques the F100 rooflight dome is the architects first choice and redefines sustainability in modern industrial and administrative building...

Lamilux CI System Continuous Rooflights

The new CI System Continuous Rooflights combine a high daylight intake, excellent thermal insulation and maximum safety in the event of heavy loads on the construction caused by wind and snow. These characteristics are ensured by an integrated, modular system ...

Flat Glass Rooflight – Rectangular

Rooflights and Glazing
The Fixed/Unvented option is available in a rectangular shape Flat Glass rooflights are bespoke and manufactured up to 3.0m2 in size. The glass we supply is 30.8mm double glazed units comprising of 6mm clear toughened glass outer with 75mm sandblasted frame; 1...

Eco Roof Windows

EOS Rooflights
Our roof lights were originally designed for the high-end market, with a focus on superior performance. Internally the frameless design of our units creates a seamless link between your home and the outdoors. Externally the sleek low-profile frame finishes flu...

JB Rectangular Fixed Roof Lights Pyramid Dome

Jupiter Blue
14 Standard Sizes between 600 x 900mm - 1100 x 1700mm, assembled to order Following sizes available to order 1200 x 1500mm, 1200 x 1700mm, 1200 x 1800mm, 1200 x 2400mm, 1300 x 1900mm & 1300 x 2500mm Choice of single, double or triple glazed polycarbonate pyram...

Ritchlight Ultra Skylight

Brett Martin
Architectural stunning, Ritchlight Ultra is a fully thermally broken modular skylight system which virtually eliminates any additional heat loss through the frame, which is traditionally associated with skylights, and eradicates any cold spots, dramatically re...

DRF-D U6 Non-Domed Triple Glazed Flat Roof Access Roof Window

-The insulated access roof lights DR_ are new products expanding the range of FAKRO solutions for flat roofs. In addition to illumination function, they have an extra utility feature providing safe and convenient access to the flat roof - Special hinges and f...

Good - Centre Pivot Roof Windows

The simple but efficient way to gain light, ventilation, insulation and therefore some additional living space under the roof at the most reasonable cost. Dakea Good is a centre - pivot construction, based on a “slim-line” wooden frame which makes the win...
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Did you know that the U-Value (centre pane) for products within the Rooflights & Roof Windows category, can range from 0.5 W/m2K to 5 W/m2K and the average is 1 W/m2K?

SkyVision Fixed

Vitral UK Ltd
Fixed is the non-venting variant and the perfect solution where natural light and a clean aesthetic are key. Even a single roof light can transform a dull room and flood the space with natural light from above. SkyVision is manufactured according to customer ...

CI System Passivhaus Glass Architecture PR60

This PR60 Glass Architecture system gives energy and cost conscious architects and designers a glazed roof system solution that is not only suitable for passive hauses, but also meets the highest Passive House efficiency class, phA. Lamilux was the first manuf...

Pleated blinds ZFA

Easy-Trim Roto
A personal touch The choice of pattern plays an important role with interior accessories. Patterns are invigorating elements for attic apartments; they set trends and very easily lend the room a personal touch. Roto provides you with numerous colour, structur...

Pyramid Rooflight

Duplus Architectural Systems Ltd
Our pyramid rooflight uses the same technology as our lantern rooflight which means it has no internal hip framework ensuring that the maximum amount of natural light is able to penetrate the room beneath. Not only does this give a more contemporary appearance...

Top-Hung White Polyurethane Finish (GPU)

Our Top-Hung GPU Roof Windows come with a timber core with moulded white polyurethane finish, making them ideal for humid rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. Opening to any position up to 45 , they are ideal at creating extra headroom, a feeling of increased...

Georgian Wired Polycarbonate

Twinfix Limited
Georgian Wired Polycarbonate (Twinfix GW Polycarbonate™) is a solid polycarbonate sheet from Twinfix that mimics the appearance of Georgian wired glass. Usually 6mm thick and with a dimpled surface, our Georgian wired polycarbonate is safe to install, virtu...

Roof Lantern

Duplus Architectural Systems Ltd
Our accredited structural silicone glazing techniques allow the production of a glass lantern rooflight without the requirement for internal framework to the products hips or ridge. When looking up at the rooflight, the external hip and ridge cappings are desi...

RoofLITE - Hive

The HIVE collection is a range of central pivot roof windows with an elegant handle that enables passive ventilation in two different secondary locking positions. Hive windows can be installed in a roof pitch from 15 to 90 degrees. Its exclusive design allows...

Galaxy sun tunnels

Lightway Daylight
Our classic crystal sun tunnels have crystal domes with great performance. Here is a solution for those who want even more. The fascinating performance of the entire sun tunnel is caused by our new roof component, Lightway Galaxy – the light collector. It ca...

Aero Electric Roof Access Rooflight

Sunsquare Ltd
The Aero Access is an electrically operated opening roof light that opens fully to provide a new means of accessing your roof space whilst still bringing abundant natural light and ventilation into the interior below. The hinged design incorporates an extrude...
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Did you know that the most common Optional Extras for products within the Rooflights & Roof Windows category are Electrical operation mechanism , Hit & miss trickle vent x2 and Hit & miss trickle vent x4?'

Fixed Rooflight

Duplus Architectural Systems Ltd
Our contemporary styled fixed glass rooflight is structurally silicone glazed ensuring a complete factory finished, fully watertight product with a high quality, elegant appearance. Unlike traditional ‘stepped edge’ glass rooflights where the outer edge of...

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