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Fixed Polycarbonate Rooflight

Trade Access Panels
The Trade Range is a high quality, universal, rooflight system. Manufactured from extruded white PVC-u it comes complete with 150mm splayed upstands, available in a wide variety of sizes and in double or triple skin polycarbonate glazing. NOTE: The hole ...

Access Hathes Coxdome Rooftop Access

The Rooftop Access is designed to allow safe, occasional access on to a roof space for inspection of the roof or the facilities located on the roof. Specifying the Rooftop Access often avoids the need to provide other external facilities for gaining access to ...

Ventilation Dome - Including FREE Winding Rod

Trade Access Panels
The Manual Ventilation dome is a great way of getting fresh air into your room through your skylight. Available in many different sizes, Double or Triple layers and in clear or diffused glazing options. Supplied with 150mm splayed upstand. NOTE: The h...

Modular Dome Coxdome 2000

The Coxdome 2000 Range offers the ultimate in rooflight design and thermal efficiency. With sharp, smooth, clean UV protected white PVC-u profiles; the 2000 Range is one of the most aesthetically pleasing rooflights on the market. Coxdome s unique, concealed ...

Barrel Vault Rooflights Jet Cox Varionorm

From industrial and agricultural buildings to retail developments, hospitals, libraries, education establishments and residential projects, the Coxdome Range of Barrel Vaults will offer a bespoke solution for all your daylight requirements. Suitable for new b...

X-Two Rooflight

The X-Two range of rooflights represents the next generation of rooflight design featuring many product innovations. The unique suite of interchangeable PVCu extrusions are designed to ensure both splayed and vertical kerbs are available to suit a precise heig...

Modular Dome Rooflights Coxdome Circular

The Coxdome Circular Rooflight offers an attractive, modern glazing solution which will add character and definition to any interior design space. Available in a range of sizes the domes are available with double, triple or quadruple glazing. Manufactured with...

Mardome Glass Rooflight

Brett Martin
Combining the ultimate in contemporary styling with exceptional thermal performance and regulatory compliance, Mardome Glass sets the standard in glass rooflights. Featuring a thermally efficient double-glazed glass unit framed by a silver anodised aluminium ...

Mardome Trade

Brett Martin
Mardome Trade is the standard specification dome unit in the Mardome dome rooflights range. Providing stylish, contemporary looks as standard and excellent insulation, triple skin Mardome Trade rooflights achieve a centre pane U-value of 1.8 W/m²K with option...

Low-Profile Barrel Vault Rooflights

The typical low-profile barrel vault is an elegant low rise arc spanning between supporting structures. The normal geometry for low rise is usually stated as the radius of the arch being equal to the span of the arch, although other geometries are also possibl...
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Did you know that the most common Glazing Type for products within the Moulded Rooflights category are Double , Triple and Quadruple?'

Modular Dome Rooflights Coxdome Trade

The Coxdome Trade Range is a high quality, universal, out of plane rooflight system. The range is available in a variety of shapes and sizes and whether you re a roofing contractor, an architect, a building contractor or a residential client there is an appl...

X-Four Rooflight

This GRP kerbed system is designed for circular rooflights whilst also complying with the maximum allowable Ud value (under Part L) of 2.2. Rooflights are triple glazed as standard with enhanced UV protected polycarbonate and vented airspaces, and air leakage ...

New Flat Roof Window (CFP/CVP)

Just imagine what adding a New Flat Roof Window will do to your home. Many of the main living spaces in flat roof homes, including kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms, get very little natural light. With a New Flat Roof Window, you can transform and improve...

X-One Rooflight

This latest range from Xtralite represents the future of rooflights, with an exceptionally low Ud value of 1.3 exceeding the requirements of Part L. The X-One also benefits from low air leakage rates. Unlike other rooflights, the X-One rooflight is designed an...

Modular Glass Rooflights Jet Cox Flat Roof Window with Dome

The JET COX Flat Roof window is a revolutionary rooflight that is designed to be suitable for even the most noise polluted areas. Designed in-house by the JET Group research and development team, the glass rooflight provides the ideal glazing solution for new...

Mk 8 Advance

BBS Building Components
MK8 Advance is exclusive in its ability to glaze an infinite length. It is manufactured to the same standards as our MK1 range using UV protected solid polycarbonate which has an exceptionally high impact strength and optical clarity, making it the ideal mater...

CI System F100 Rooflight Domes

Lamilux have re-invented the classic rooflight dome, with the F100. Utilising the latest materials and manufacturing techniques the F100 rooflight dome is the architects first choice and redefines sustainability in modern industrial and administrative building...

Lamilux CI System Continuous Rooflights

The new CI System Continuous Rooflights combine a high daylight intake, excellent thermal insulation and maximum safety in the event of heavy loads on the construction caused by wind and snow. These characteristics are ensured by an integrated, modular system ...

JB Rectangular Fixed Roof Lights Pyramid Dome

Jupiter Blue
14 Standard Sizes between 600 x 900mm - 1100 x 1700mm, assembled to order Following sizes available to order 1200 x 1500mm, 1200 x 1700mm, 1200 x 1800mm, 1200 x 2400mm, 1300 x 1900mm & 1300 x 2500mm Choice of single, double or triple glazed polycarbonate pyram...

Mardome Ultra

Brett Martin
In addition to the standard dome features offered by Mardome Trade, the architecturally inspired Mardome Ultra delivers the complete design package with its stylish looks and sleek silver aluminium security frame, which can be powder coated to any standard RAL...
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Did you know that the most common Shape for products within the Moulded Rooflights category are Pyramid , circular and Dome?'

Modular Dome Rooflights Coxdome Galaxy

The Coxdome Galaxy Range is a dome-only solution and has been designed to be fitted to existing builder s kerbs. The 100mm flanged polycarbonate unit ensures it fits to most kerbs without the need for adjustment. The Galaxy is ideal for refurbishment proje...