Rooflights and Roof windows allow you to inject light, air, and functionality into the roof of any structure. Rooflights and Roof Windows can have applications in commercial, residential, and industrial properties and structures. This category includes everything from roof windows and rooflights, through to rooflight components.

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Search fire escape roof windows, glazing bar systems, rooflight ventilating kerbs, flat rooflights, insulated rooflights, roof hatches, soackers, moulded rooflights, security rooflights, and much, much more, from leading manufacturers such as Brett Martin, BTS Fabrications, National Domelight Company, Staka Roof Access Hatches, Jupiter Blue, Lumen Rooflight, and Sola Skylights.

The Slimline Roof Lantern

Offering the slimmest frame available in the UK in order to maximise light into the property. Also, the only ultra-slim system available that can incorporate an opening vent, either manual or electronically controlled. Achievable U-values as low as 0.8w/m2k....

The Flat Sliding Rooflight

Suitable for roof pitches of 5-15 degrees. Comes fully assembled, meaning it can be installed in as little as 10 minutes. Triple Glazed as standard with achievable U-values as low as 0.2w/M2k. 2 servo motors driving the unit are completely concealed within th...

Skydoor Hinged Access Rooflight

Glazing Vision Ltd
The Glazing Vision Skydoor is a sleek, low-profile hinged opening skylight that embodies our minimise framework, maximise daylight principle. With just a press of a button you have comfortable, easy access to the terrace or roof space in less than a minute. It...

Fixed Polycarbonate Rooflight

Trade Access Panels
The Trade Range is a high quality, universal, rooflight system. Manufactured from extruded white PVC-u it comes complete with 150mm splayed upstands, available in a wide variety of sizes and in double or triple skin polycarbonate glazing. NOTE: The hole ...

GV Pitchglaze Fixed Roof Window

Glazing Vision Ltd
The Pitchglaze is a CE marked roof window designed to be installed in pitched tiled roof applications flush (in plane) with the tiling line. Glazing Vision have adopted their pioneering ‘frameless’ design ethos with this product so that when installed t...

xVent Hinged Smoke Ventilation Rooflight

Glazing Vision Ltd
Our xVent (AOV) rooflight has been tested and certified to BS EN 12101-2:2003 and traditionally as a fire safety product that used to mean obstructive, ugly actuators and functionality over form. Not any more. The xVent smoke ventilation rooflight hides its op...

Access Hathes Coxdome Rooftop Access

The Rooftop Access is designed to allow safe, occasional access on to a roof space for inspection of the roof or the facilities located on the roof. Specifying the Rooftop Access often avoids the need to provide other external facilities for gaining access to ...

Self Supporting Pyramid Rooflight

As the name suggests, these pyramid rooflights do not require any additional support, except an upstand or kerb to which it can be attached. The pyramid rooflight provides a striking architectural statement – combining strong lines and ‘focus’ to provid...

SkyHatch Roof Access Rooflight

Glazing Vision Ltd
The SkyHatch range of roof access rooflights are designed specifically to provide a cost effective means of regularly accessing your roof or roof terrace with the minimum of effort. There are two versions available: SkyHatch Manual roof access rooflight The ...

Flushglaze Fixed Rooflight

Glazing Vision Ltd
The Flushglaze® rooflight is the embodiment of our minimise framework, maximise daylight ethos: frameless on the inside, clean and contemporary on the outside. There are no bulky capping systems so it won’t trap dirt and spoil the view. You can choose Flush...
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Did you know that the most common Material for products within the Rooflights & Roof Windows category are Aluminium , Glass and GRP?'


Vision AGI
The Access Hatch Roof Window is a classic, traditional and elegant roof window with a difference: it provides the advantage of opening fully, so has a dual function giving you an extra point of access to your roof space. The Manual Access Hatch Roof Window ar...

Surespan SRHP Roof Hatch - Premium

Trade Access Panels
SRHP Roof Hatches Commercial & Residential Roof Hatches provide safe and convenient access to a roof. This new design features thermally broken sections, Kingspan insulation, and a 300mm curb liner included in the price. Our Roof Hatches commercial & res...

Flat Roof Sun Tunnel Kit

Trade Access Panels
The SUNPIPE natural daylight system directs sunlight into a room from roof level. The SUNPIPE collects daylight using a patented Diamond dome, using a silverised PVD coated mirror-finished aluminium tube to transfer light to a room, with a ceiling diffuser eve...

Coxdome Jet Cox Monopitch Rooflights

Jet Cox Monopitch Rooflights provide maximum design flexibility and are available in a variety of standard and bespoke designs. Manufactured, as standard with a 10 pitch , the slim, thermally broken aluminium profiles ensure maximum natural daylight. The prof...

Ventilation Dome - Including FREE Winding Rod

Trade Access Panels
The Manual Ventilation dome is a great way of getting fresh air into your room through your skylight. Available in many different sizes, Double or Triple layers and in clear or diffused glazing options. Supplied with 150mm splayed upstand. NOTE: The h...

Modular Dome Coxdome 2000

The Coxdome 2000 Range offers the ultimate in rooflight design and thermal efficiency. With sharp, smooth, clean UV protected white PVC-u profiles; the 2000 Range is one of the most aesthetically pleasing rooflights on the market. Coxdome s unique, concealed ...

Sliding Over Fixed Rooflight

Glazing Vision Ltd
If you are limited on roof space and want an opening rooflight, don’t worry – you can still achieve large sections of glazing allowing huge amounts of natural daylight into a room and have something that retracts. You can have your cake and eat it with the...

The LUXLITE (hinged opening)

Opening rooflight suitable for tiled, slate, membrane or clad roofing, pitched from 15 to 70 degrees. Comes fully assembled with no separate components, meaning it can be installed in as little as 10 minutes. Available in both portrait and landscape orientatio...

Modular Glass Rooflights Jet Cox Pyramid

The JET COX 45 Glass Pyramid and Trapezoid Range provides a high quality, aesthetically pleasing, prefabricated glazing solution for a variety of applications. The slim, elegant, thermally broken aluminium sections are exclusively designed to maximise natura...

The Hinged Opening Rooflight

Flat, hinged opening rooflight suitable for roof pitches of 5-15 degrees. Comes fully assembled. Achievable U-values as low as 0.5w/M2k. Electronic chain actuators are completely concealed within the unit frame, maintaining the minimal aesthetics. Comes with ...
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Did you know that the Length for products within the Rooflights & Roof Windows category, can range from 1.8 mm to 10050 mm and the average is 1640 mm?

Ridgeglaze Fixed Rooflight

Glazing Vision Ltd
The Ridgeglaze rooflight is a ridge rooflight that flows seamlessly with the apex of any pitched roof. All the same qualities you get from our usual flat fixed rooflight design: no visible internal framework; low emissivity heat soak tested glass as standard w...
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