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Roof Access Hatch - Standard + Bespoke

Surespan Limited
Surespan Thermally Broken single leaf roof access hatches features a 50mm fully thermally broken frame with 50mm insulation offering a U-value of 0.43W/m K. Hatches are manufactured in aluminium Increased insulation can be requested allowing up to 75mm Polyis...

Smoke Vent with Roof Access and Daily Ventilation EN12101-2

Surespan Limited
Surespan thermally broken aluminium SRHP/AOV 140° smoke vent roof hatch designed to EN12101-2. The AOV also offers push button comfort (daily) air ventilation. The lid and upstand features a 50mm thermally broken section and fully insulated with 50mm CFC a...

Automatic Opening Smoke Vent Rooflight 160°

Surespan Limited
Surespan 'SureDome' AOV - Designed as a smoke release ventilator and to give natural light into the building below. Available in a range of sizes to achieve 1m² airflow or 1.5m² ideal for corridors, stairwells or smoke shafts. The lid is constructed from...

Roof access hatch with retractable ladder

Staka Roof Access Hatches
The TopAccess roof access hatch with retractable ladder is a integrated roof access solution. This not only results in an aesthetically appealing design but also time savings during installation. This is an ideal solution, especially for areas with a suspended...

SLH Sliding Glass Rooflights Electric Operated

Surespan Limited
Surespan SLHGE Aluminium, thermally broken, single leaf, electrically operated, multi-pane Glazed, sliding roof access hatch Operated by a 230v geared motor. : Glass Specification : The 35.5mm sealed double glazed unit will comprise Pilkington 6mm toughen...

Roof access hatch with fixed stairs

Staka Roof Access Hatches
Naturally there are various options for safe roof access. A roof hatch with fixed stairs offers you the most comfortable roof access, ideally suited for regular access to the roof or roof terrace. There are two versions: - The roof hatch with fixed design s...

Roof access hatch with fixed ladder

Staka Roof Access Hatches
When you have limited space on the floor yet still want to create a permanent means of access to the roof, a roof hatch with fixed vertical ladder is the best solution. Caged ladders are primarily used in high-ceiling areas such as warehouses, production halls...


Surespan Limited
Surespan SRHG Glazed Roof Hatches are manufactured using thermally broken extruded sections as standard, offering clients excellent energy conservation properties and substantially reducing internal condensation or frost formation. Bespoke Made to any size. Th...

SkyHatch Roof Access Rooflight

Glazing Vision Ltd
The SkyHatch range of roof access rooflights are designed specifically to provide a cost effective means of regularly accessing your roof or roof terrace with the minimum of effort. There are two versions available: SkyHatch Manual roof access rooflight The ...


Vision AGI
The Access Hatch Roof Window is a classic, traditional and elegant roof window with a difference: it provides the advantage of opening fully, so has a dual function giving you an extra point of access to your roof space. The Manual Access Hatch Roof Window ar...
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Did you know that the most common Typical Building Type for products within the Roof Hatches category are Factories , Hotels and Office Buildings?'

Surespan SRHP Roof Hatch - Premium

Trade Access Panels
SRHP Roof Hatches Commercial & Residential Roof Hatches provide safe and convenient access to a roof. This new design features thermally broken sections, Kingspan insulation, and a 300mm curb liner included in the price. Our Roof Hatches commercial & res...

Roof access hatch with extension ladder

Staka Roof Access Hatches
The TopAccess roof access hatch with extension ladder guarantees an insulated, safe means of access to the flat roof. This roof access option is mainly used for inspection and/or maintenance of the roof or equipment installed on the roof. The Staka SafeStepSys...

Automatic Opening Smoke Vents & Shev Units Jet Cox Firejet 165

The Jet Cox FireJet 165 24V/48V Range provides a smoke and heat exhaust ventilation system for all Commercial and Residential applications. Supplied factory assembled and factory tested all products are certified to CE EN12101-2. FireJet rooflights not only h...

TopLight Glazed Roof Hatch

Staka Roof Access Hatches
A roof terrace is the finishing touch to your home. An outdoor space where you can enjoy the sunshine and relax is a valuable commodity. The great feeling starts when you open the hatch to your terrace. This was the original inspiration for the design of the T...

Roof access hatch without ladder/stairs

Staka Roof Access Hatches
With an insulation value of U=0.2/Rc=5, the Staka TopAccess roof hatch is the most energy efficient roof hatch available in the international market. The roof hatch is made of high quality recyclable aluminum and features a burglar-resistant 2-point closure. T...

Roof Access Hatch Premium 75mm Insulation

Surespan Limited
Surespan SRHP75 roof access hatches are manufactured in aluminium with 75mm thermal break and 75mm polyisocyanurate insulation offering a U-value of 0.23W/m. Offering a full 75mm thermally broken composite lid and upstand. With 75mm insulation. Comes as stan...

Sureguard Handrail for Roof Access Hatches

Surespan Limited
Surespans Sureguard Handrail system is available on all types of Surespan roof access hatches. Roof hatches are available with a built-on handrail, which provides extra safety for when the hatch is in use. Manufactured to suit the size of the roof hatch,...

Stainless Steel Roof Hatch

Surespan Limited
Surespan Stainless steel Thermally Broken roof access covers are manufactured from grade 304 or grade 316 stainless steel. Perfect for coastal areas and areas with high humidity due to the corrosion resistant properties. These hatches are sold with an internal...

SLH Sliding Roof Hatch

Surespan Limited
Surespan SLH sliding roof hatches and sliding glass roof lights provide many advantages over standard roof access hatches. The sliding access hatch is ideal where there is a height restrictions or in areas with high risk of wind. They are also ideal for access...

Access Hatches Coxdome Rooftop Entrance

Opening the door to your roof terrace Designed with equal emphasis on the internal and external aesthetics, the Rooftop Entrance is manufactured using a 160mm PVC-u VERTICAL upstand and gas assisted struts. Reinforced ventilation frames ensure it is strong e...
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Did you know that the most common Standards for products within the Roof Hatches category are EN 1026 , EN 12211 and EN 1991-1-1?'

Access Hatches Jet Cox Aluminium Access Hatch

The JET COX Roof Access Hatch has been designed to allow personnel safe access onto the roof either for frequent inspection or occasional maintenance. Suitable for use on all flat roofs with a maximum inclination of 15 the Access Hatch is manufactured from a...