A ceiling is a key structural element of any space and can be adapted aesthetically and functionally, in order to meet the demands of a wide range of environments.

Available in a wide range of finishes, materials, types and sizes, a ceiling is an overhead interior surface that is specially designed to cover the upper limits of a room.

This category features a broad range of products that can be used in a wide range of spaces including Ceiling Accessories, Ceiling Finishes, Ceiling Panels and Tiles, Ceiling Suspension Grids and Suspended Ceilings.

Using SpecifiedBy, you can source different types of ceiling products from some of the UK’s leading manufacturers including Armstrong Ceilings, BCL Timber projects, Taylor Maxwell, Howe Green, Jupiter Blue, OWA Ceilings, and Promat UK.

Plaster Coving Victorian Entrance Hall 175mm Drop LPC019

Plaster Ceiling Roses
Drop: 175mm | Projection 190mm | Width: 250mm Plaster coving is supplied in 2.4M lengths and is priced per metre. This magnificent large enriched Victorian plaster cornice features an upper cornice decorated with Acanthus leaves supported by finely cas...

Metal Canopy Ceilings

Armstrong Ceilings
Metal Canopy is the metal Canopy solution within Armstrong s extensive range of discontinuous ceilings and Canopies. The Canopies come in three different designs (flat, concave and convex) and give the designer or specifier the ability to: Create spaces or...

Supaslat - Decorative Suspended Ceilings

vtec group
There is nothing like real wood for it’s organic charm, and we marry this to our installation systems to ensure that the natural appeal of timber benefits from rapid installation and also provides acoustic performance where required. With Supaslat, you...

SO LIGHT - Translucent ceilings

Clipso Productions
Our translucent ceilings will bring light and warmth into your interior spaces Are you looking for an original solution for renovating or adding the finishing touches to a ceiling? CLIPSO has the right solutions for you. With our translucent fabrics, your ce...

Thermatex Acoustic 600 mm x 600 mm SK

Knauf AMF Ceilings
Thermatex Acoustic is a 19 mm thick ceiling tile made from a specially perforated mineral board and an acoustic fleece facing. The perforations provide excellent sound absorption while the fleece offers a smooth, elegant surface finish. The combination of high...

Thermatex Aquatec 600 mm x 600 mm VT 24

Knauf AMF Ceilings
Thermatex Aquatec shows moisture resistance of up to 100% RH. This means that even with a permanently high humidity and temperatures between 0 and 40 C the panel is inherently stable at all times. If necessary, Thermatex Aquatec can be cleaned using water. Add...

Square - Decorative Suspended Ceilings

OWA Ceilings
Baffles in a new format – put together as a square ceiling canopy that forms a trapeze when viewed from below. All this is made possible by differing heights and lengths. Combine a number of ceiling canopies to create dynamic ceiling landscapes. Square optim...

Modern Coving

UK Home Interiors
Cornice, Skirting boards and railing. A stunning range of contemporary mouldings, for a range of budgets. Cornices and skirtings feature a subtle 'shadow line' to give the appearance of being slightly offset from the wall. Easy fit. Installs in a fraction of ...

Acoustic Ceiling Systems

Barrisol Welch
Thanks to Barrisol® Micro-acoustics sheets, the degree of absorption can be regulated with precision according to the specific needs of each part, by selecting the right distance between the sheet and the inner surface . The micro perforations being almost in...

Plaster Coving Large Plain 120mm Drop LPC012

Plaster Ceiling Roses
Drop: 120mm | Projection 120mm | Width: 170mm This plaster coving is the smaller of two sizes we stock of this plain cornice with a five inch drop and projection. One of the plainest cornice designs we stock, it can be very effective in the right setting and...
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Did you know that the most common Application for products within the Ceilings category are Ceilings and Walls?

Victorian Cornice Classic 135mm Drop LPC036

Plaster Ceiling Roses
Drop: 135mm | Projection 150mm | Width: 200mm This is a typical plain Victorian cornice, with a deep cove and a projection larger than its drop, meaning it extends further across the ceiling than it does down the wall. This is the classic Victorian profile w...

Ogee Plaster Coving 150mm Drop LPC001

Plaster Ceiling Roses
Restocked in 2 weeks, Pre-orders can be taken over the phone Drop: 150mm | Projection: 150mm | Width: 210mm LPC001 coving comes in 2.4 metre lengths, but is priced per metre. Ogee plaster coving is one of the more popular styles and this is our largest siz...

Exposed Grid - Flat Lay-In

Burgess Architectural Products
The term lay-in refers to tiles that have minimal tile face coverage by the supporting exposed grid as distinct from lay-on tiles where the face of the tile is fully visible. Lay-in tiles are used with exposed grid table usually 24/15mm wide although different...

Z41 2m Coving

NMC - Copley
Z41 ARSTYL® 2m Coving is a lightweight PU coving-cornice which is strong and very easy to install in comparison to heavy plaster products. Combine your Z41 with Z40 and Z42 Internal Coving Corners for a truly classical effect. Perfect for commercial and...

Gabriella 2.44m coving

NMC - Copley
Premium high density resin, lightweight easy to fix, smooth hard surface accepts any paint. Popular large design...

Supaslat Maxi

vtec group
Light enough to be carried by a single person, Supaslat Maxi is ideal for imaginative features that will add real interest to your Walls and Ceiling without expensive and complex structures. Using our installation system, with the added flexibility of our besp...

premier additions easy fit cornice & coving

UK Home Interiors
The beauty of plaster without the drawbacks. Moulded for profile variety and sharp detailing. Featuring dowel holes at each end of a length, for perfect alignment. Easy fit. Installs in a fraction of the time of plaster. Perfect for DIY. Flexible options for ...

Plaster Coving Decorated 115mm Drop LPC008

Plaster Ceiling Roses
Drop: 115mm | Projection 93mm | Width: 150mm Plaster coving is supplied in 2.4M lengths and is priced per metre. An ornate plaster coving that comes in two sizes. This is the larger version featuring an ornate central frieze with a rope border above. It...

SO DECO - Stylish ceilings

Clipso Productions
Add real style to your ceilings with CLIPSO When it comes to your ceilings, customisation options are often limited and complicated to put into practise, which is enough to dissuade someone looking to redesign what is a key aspect of any room. CLIPSO will le...

Siena (AL14) 2m coving

NMC - Copley
Siena (AL14) 2m Coving A lightweight PU coving-cornice which is strong and very easy to install in comparison to heavy plaster products. Can be combined with our ARSTYL® LED Clips in order to make a unique lighting feature. Perfect for commercial and DIY ...
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Did you know that the Cost per Unit for products within the Ceilings category, can range from 11.53 £ to 950 £ and the average is 73 £?

Victorian Ornate Ceiling Plaster Ceiling Rose 660MM LPR002

Plaster Ceiling Roses
Outside diameter 660mm | Depth 60mm | Inner ring diameter 120mm A richly embossed Victorian design featuring flowers and fleur de lys, within a classical border of a Vitruvian Scroll, this was a popular architectural moulding of the period which originated i...

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