Ceiling Suspension Grids

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    Concealed Grid - Clip-In

    Burgess Architectural Products
    Concealed grid modular ceiling with downward tile access. Developed by Burgess, this tried and tested system is probably the most widely used metal tile ceiling system. The tiles, manufactured to fine press tool tolerances, are clipped into a concealed Tee Bar...

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    Exposed Grid - Tegular

    Burgess Architectural Products
    Combining the ease of installation afforded by interlocking grid systems with the manufactured accuracy and durability of press formed tiles, the Burgess A P Tegular System provides an economic solution to many ceiling requirements....

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    Exposed Grid - Flat Lay-In

    Burgess Architectural Products
    The term lay-in refers to tiles that have minimal tile face coverage by the supporting exposed grid as distinct from lay-on tiles where the face of the tile is fully visible. Lay-in tiles are used with exposed grid table usually 24/15mm wide although different...

    Knauf Slimgrid

    Introducing Knauf Slimgrid, the new fully warranted fire tested and approved ceiling solution. Our new low-void, ceiling grid system is ideal for refurbishments and repeatable, small sized ceilings. With patented Click feature the construction is simple and ac...

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    Ceilings - Exposed Ceiling Suspension Grids

    Troax Lee Manufacturing Ltd
    A Range of Ceiling Options to Complement our Partitioning Systems...

    Self Supporting Membrane Ceilings

    Promat UK
    A range of ceiling systems comprising SUPALUX® boards and channel framing to provide ceilings capable of spans up to 4000 mm. SUPALUX® is a strong and rigid non-combustible calcium silicate board designed to provide fire resisting ceiling constructions. Non...

    Ceiling Suspension Grids Building Products

    Ceiling Suspension Grids create the framework around which you can construct and hang a suspended ceiling in any property. A suspended ceiling is an additional ceiling that is installed below the actual ceiling in a property. The Ceiling Suspension Grid is hung from the main ceiling using wires, and ceiling tiles or panels are then positioned between the grid’s tracks to form the suspended ceiling.
    There are a wide range of insulation products on the market, including concealed ceiling suspension grids, exposed ceiling suspension grids, and fire resisting ceiling suspension grids.
    Using SpecifiedBy, you can source, specify, and compare Ceiling Suspension Grids from the largest range in the UK, including self supporting membrane ceilings, soundlight comfort ceilings, Focus Ds, exposed grids, and master matrix.
    Searching for products from leading manufacturers, such as Burgess Architectural Products, Ecophon (Saint-Gobain), and Promat UK, will allow you to obtain exact specifications with nothing more than a few clicks of a mouse.