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    Class Range - Acoustic solutions for Walls, Ceiling Baffles and Rafts

    Soundtect Ltd.
    An educated combination of design, affordability and performance, Soundtect CLASS range is the perfect choice for architects, clients and contractors, providing a superb 0.95 NRC. These quick and easy to install acoustic panels provide the desired absorption ...

    The Fins; Soundtect acoustic baffles

    Soundtect Ltd.
    Versatile, lightweight and easy to install the Soundtect Fins offer visual movement and eye catching features to walls and ceilings, whilst addressing the problem of reverberation. Soundtect acoustic panels offer design options that are outstanding and eye-ca...

    Thermatex Acoustic 600 mm x 600 mm VT 24

    Knauf AMF Ceilings
    Thermatex Acoustic is a 19 mm thick ceiling tile made from a specially perforated mineral board and an acoustic fleece facing. The perforations provide excellent sound absorption while the fleece offers a smooth, elegant surface finish. The combination of high...

    Tiled Wall Access Panels

    Howe Green
    Wall access panel designed to give access to concealed services within tiled walls. Wall access panels for use in: Commercial premises, such as hotels and office blocks – high quality combined with a concealed side hinge make the Waldor 50 wall access cover ...

    Supaslat - Decorative Suspended Ceilings

    vtec group
    There is nothing like real wood for it’s organic charm, and we marry this to our installation systems to ensure that the natural appeal of timber benefits from rapid installation and also provides acoustic performance where required. With Supaslat, you...

    System 150

    SAS International Ltd
    SAS System 150 is a range of highly versatile square and rectangular clip-in metal ceiling tiles which offer hinge down access throughout as standard. Supported from the SAS Deep Omega Bar tiles can pivot and slide along the suspension system providing access ...

    Solo Acoustical Wood Plank

    Decoustics Saint-Gobain
    WoodSoloSolo is an acoustical wood plank product with a natural wood veneer finish that is available for both ceiling and wall applications. Solo's acoustical absorption is achieved through Decoustics' unique perforation technology. The percentage of open a...

    System 120

    SAS International Ltd
    SAS System 120 is a range of square and rectangular clip-in metal ceiling tiles supported from a concealed SAS Spring Tee suspension grid. SAS System 120 is particularly suitable for food preparation areas and hospitals where cleanliness is of importance....

    Solo - Acoustic Ceiling Panels & Tiles

    Decoustics Saint-Gobain
    WoodSolo-T Bring the look of a custom, linear wood ceiling to your projects, while with the ease and accessibility of 2x2 ceiling panels. Decoustics' Solo-T wood veneered ceiling panels mount seamlessly to standard 15/16” heavy-duty grid. A simple lift...

    Exposed Grid Access Panel

    The Access Panel Company
    The Exposed Grid access panel provides a high quality protected opening in exposed ‘T’ grid ceilings for access to building engineering services. Made to fit into standard grid modules with either a metal face or more commonly with a door tray that will a...
    Did you know that the Length for products within the Ceilings category, can range from 35 mm to 8250 mm and the average is 1056 mm?

    Domes - Acoustic Ceiling Panels & Tiles

    Decoustics Saint-Gobain
    Decoustics' Custom Curved Domes are compound curved panels that provide architects and designers with domed ceilings. Curved dome shaped panels consist of compounded, three-dimensional factor pre-curved units that use one radius in all directions throughout th...

    Uni - Decorative Suspended Ceilings

    OWA Ceilings
    Unit is ideal for retrofitting, especially where acoustic problems with concrete ceilings are only identified after completion. The baffle system can be installed in all buildings, quickly and without having to make structural changes. The Unit has a number of...

    Plastic Drop Down Loft Access Hatch

    Access Building Products Ltd
    With a high impact styrenic plastic composition the product offers a tough ultra smooth white maintenance free finish. Requires no painting and projecting only 7 mm into the ceiling space. The concealed hinges and completely flush 'lid to frame' contribute tow...

    Trucell - Integrated Suspended Ceilings

    SAS International Ltd
    Trucell is a range of aluminium open cell ceiling panels that are designed to lay onto 15mm Tee Grid. Access is gained by simply lifting the panels out of the grid. Trucell blends in with the Tee Grid to give a monolithic appearance....

    Healthcare Perforated

    Burgess CEP
    Healthcare Perforated hygienic ceiling tiles combine Class C acoustic absorption with a cleanable, anti bacterial surface, which means it’s ideal for hospitals and healthcare buildings. The lightweight mineral baseboard is easy to handle and minimises damage...

    Corridor 400

    Knauf Danoline
    Distinct unified look for narrow rooms and corridors. No suspension runners and hangers required. Open area with no hangers revealed when demounted. Acoustic gypsum ceiling, self-supporting up to 2.4 m....

    Focus Ds - Concealed Ceiling Suspension Grids

    Ecophon (Saint-Gobain)
    For applications where a suspended ceiling with a concealed grid is required, but individual tiles must be easily demountable. Ecophon Focus Ds has a concealed grid and symmetrical edge design, allowing easier assembly, integration of light fittings and ventil...

    Pix - Decorative Suspended Ceilings

    OWA Ceilings
    Pix lets you accent acoustic ceilings in completely new ways. Combine with our Sinfonia fleece-covered ceiling tiles to open up a whole world of ceiling designs and to emphasize room zones. You can change your preferred pattern at any time, because every ceili...

    C338B - Internal Cornices

    Orac Decor
    Decorative elegance, graceful arabesques. Ornamented alternative to the big C338 coving, with integrated baroque motive to fit into corners. This model can be used for the corners on the ceiling of grand spaces in combination with the coving C338 and C338A or ...

    Trapeze - Decorative Suspended Ceilings

    OWA Ceilings
    Movement, dynamism, acoustics, light – that’s Trapeze. A new ceiling tile that is revolutionising ceiling design. The real impact is only truly visible once the tiles are laid out. A living design that leads “step-by-step” from one diagonal to the next...
    Did you know that the Width for products within the Ceilings category, can range from 30 mm to 14000 mm and the average is 539 mm?

    SN-DC17 Versailles Ceiling

    Stevensons of Norwich Ltd
    This ceiling takes influence from the baroque floral enrichment so widely seen across the ceilings and walls at the Palace of Versailles. We selected an enrichment that is easily adjustable to multiple ceiling sizes and that compliments a variety of interior d...

    Ceilings Building Products

    A ceiling is a key structural element of any space and can be adapted aesthetically and functionally, in order to meet the demands of a wide range of environments.

    Available in a wide range of finishes, materials, types and sizes, a ceiling is an overhead interior surface that is specially designed to cover the upper limits of a room.

    This category features a broad range of products that can be used in a wide range of spaces including Ceiling Accessories, Ceiling Finishes, Ceiling Panels and Tiles, Ceiling Suspension Grids and Suspended Ceilings.

    Using SpecifiedBy, you can source different types of ceiling products from some of the UK’s leading manufacturers including Armstrong Ceilings, BCL Timber projects, Taylor Maxwell, Howe Green, Jupiter Blue, OWA Ceilings, and Promat UK.