A ceiling is a key structural element of any space and can be adapted aesthetically and functionally, in order to meet the demands of a wide range of environments.

Available in a wide range of finishes, materials, types and sizes, a ceiling is an overhead interior surface that is specially designed to cover the upper limits of a room.

This category features a broad range of products that can be used in a wide range of spaces including Ceiling Accessories, Ceiling Finishes, Ceiling Panels and Tiles, Ceiling Suspension Grids and Suspended Ceilings.

Using SpecifiedBy, you can source different types of ceiling products from some of the UK’s leading manufacturers including Armstrong Ceilings, BCL Timber projects, Taylor Maxwell, Howe Green, Jupiter Blue, OWA Ceilings, and Promat UK.

Large Plaster Coving Victorian Swan Neck Drop 145mm LPC017

Plaster Ceiling Roses
Drop 145mm | Projection 210mm | Width 255mm This plaster coving comes in 2.5 metre lengths; coving is priced per metre. This large swan neck plaster coving has a drop of 145mm and a projection of 210mm as was the fashion in Victorian times. It projects fa...

Plaster Coving Swan Neck 100mm MPC065

Plaster Ceiling Roses
Drop: 100mm | Projection: 115mm | Width: 155mm MPC065 Coving comes in 2.5 metre lengths. Coving is priced per metre. Swan Neck Plaster Coving is so-called after the deep cove in the middle of the cornice and its origins lie firmly in the Victorian era. Durin...

Thermatex Acoustic 600 mm x 600 mm VT 24

Knauf AMF Ceilings
Thermatex Acoustic is a 19 mm thick ceiling tile made from a specially perforated mineral board and an acoustic fleece facing. The perforations provide excellent sound absorption while the fleece offers a smooth, elegant surface finish. The combination of high...

Thermatex Aquatec 600 mm x 600 mm SK

Knauf AMF Ceilings
Thermatex Aquatec shows moisture resistance of up to 100% RH. This means that even with a permanently high humidity and temperatures between 0 and 40 C the panel is inherently stable at all times. If necessary, Thermatex Aquatec can be cleaned using water. Add...

GL260 - Loft Access Doors

Manthorpe Building Products Ltd
The GL260 Push up Loft Access Door provides an unobtrusive and cost effective alternative to traditional loft space access. Fully removable lid with foam seal and double catch. The GL260 Push up Loft Access Door provides an unobtrusive and cost effective al...

Armstrong Coloured Circle Canopy Ceilings

Armstrong Ceilings
Optima Canopy is a mineral panel, pre-formed into a convex, concave,square, circle, hexagon, trapezoid, or parallelogram shape. The Armstrong canopies can be installed at varying angles, levels and orientations to disguise services. The metal frame in the bac...

Pro-Cove lite 127mm 2m 6 pack

NMC - Copley
Pro-Cove lite is the professional trades lightweight alternative to heavy plaster coving. Quality polymer core with a fine kraft paper wrap for a precision finish. Ready to paint with no need to prime. Easy to handle and install with little or no mess when ...

GL251 - Lockable Drop Down Loft Access Door

Manthorpe Building Products Ltd
The GL251 Lockable Drop-Down Loft Access Door is ideally suited for properties with shared accommodation to provide protection from unauthorized access to the loft space. The GL251 lockable drop down loft door is an innovative solution to the need for energ...

Metal and Optima Baffles

Armstrong Ceilings
To meet the growing demand for noise reduction solutions that do not compromise the aesthetics of contemporary public areas, Armstrong Ceilings has added baffles to its already peerless portfolio. Previously available as bespoke solutions, Armstrong now has ...

Exposed Grid - Tegular

Burgess Architectural Products
Combining the ease of installation afforded by interlocking grid systems with the manufactured accuracy and durability of press formed tiles, the Burgess A P Tegular System provides an economic solution to many ceiling requirements....
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Did you know that the most common Material(s) for products within the Ceilings category are High density PU , Resin and Mineral tile?'

Plaster Coving Dentil 110mm Drop MPC061

Plaster Ceiling Roses
Due to high demand this product is currently out of stock, pre orders can be made over the phone, Thank you Drop: 110mm | Projection:110mm | Width: 155mm MPC061 comes in 2.4 metre lengths.This dentil plaster coving features a chunky dentil course below an ...

SO LIGHT - Starlit ceilings

Clipso Productions
You’ll have stars in your eyes with CLIPSO’s range of fibre optic starlit stretch ceilings There are certain atmospheres where the illusion is simple yet striking. In bedrooms, spas and museums, the charm of our “starlit” ceilings work perfectly. W...

System 205

SAS International Ltd
SAS System 205 is a development of System 200 and is specifically for use in corridors. In some areas it is not possible to use a standard hanging bracket due to the number of services in the ceiling void. System 205 is supported at the perimeters, up to a max...

System 600

SAS International Ltd
System 600 is an acoustic lighting raft or module that is directly suspended from a flat structural soffit or in coffers allowing free air movement to the structural slab for natural cooling. Manufactured from metal the durable finish provides a cost effective...

Thermatex Fine Stratos 600 mm x 600 mm SK

Knauf AMF Ceilings
Ceiling tiles are make-up of modern, bio-soluble mineral wool, perlites, clay and starch with excellent outstanding physically properties in fire resistance and acoustic performance....

System 130

SAS International Ltd
SAS System 130 is a range of lay-in tiles supported from SAS Alugrid or SAS Tee Grid. Alugrid-Q features a continuous lineal recess with an M6 thread and negative quirk relief detail abutting the ceiling tiles, giving a completely flush ceiling. Alugrid-P is a...

Seamless Acoustic Ceiling Quietspray Acoustic Plaster

Quietstone UK Ltd
Acoustic Plaster absorbs sound and reduces reverberation in a room. Quietspray Acoustic Plaster is one of the best acoustic treatments on the market. It can be applied to the ceiling area of a room where it absorbs sound and reduces reverberation. This seamle...

Plaster Coving Greek Key 100mm Drop MPC004

Plaster Ceiling Roses
Drop: 100mm | Projection: 75mm | Width: 120mm | MPC004 comes in 2.4 metre lengths. This plaster coving has a classical Greek Key moulding as a central band which was popular in both the Georgian and Victorian periods. A simple understated cornice that is per...

Plaster Coving Ornate Georgian 100mm Drop MPC031

Plaster Ceiling Roses
Drop: 100mm | Projection: 80mm | Width: 135mm | MPC031 Supplied in 2.4 M lengths. An ornate plaster coving, featuring a central frieze of a stylised Fleur De Lys with a rope border above, at the centre of a finely cast projection into the ceiling. This...

Plaster Coving Convex 100mm Drop MPC056

Plaster Ceiling Roses
Drop: 100mm | Projection 95mm | Width: 138mm This plaster coving is supplied in 2.4M lengths and is priced per metre. MPC056 is one of the few designs where the middle of the coving projects out from the wall instead of curving in. It’s an old design that ...
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Did you know that the Projection for products within the Ceilings category, can range from 12 mm to 3000 mm and the average is 190 mm?

Plaster Coving Large Three Step 150mm Drop LPC025

Plaster Ceiling Roses
Drop: 150mm | Projection 150mm | Width: 210mm Coving is supplied in 2.4M lengths and priced per metre. This is our largest stepped plaster coving, with a drop of 150mm. We also have two smaller sizes MPC055 with a drop of 120mm and MPC028 with a drop of 100m...

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