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Ceiling Panels and Tiles can be used to enhance a ceiling in any type of property – both functionally, practically, and aesthetically.

The applications of lighting products are endless, from fire resisting panels and tiles, acoustic ceiling panels and tiles, and hygienic ceiling panels and tiles, to insulating ceiling panels and tiles, perforated ceiling panels and tiles, and plain ceiling panels and tiles, there are a wide range of ceiling solutions on the market.

Through SpecifiedBy, you can source and compare an extensive range of Ceiling Panels and Tiles from some of the UK’s leading manufacturers, such as Altro, Burgess CEP, Hodgson & Hodgson Group Ltd, SAS International Ltd, Sektor Interior Solutions, and Encasement.

Whether you’re looking for stratopanel, metroboard edge, metal and optima baffles, grooved acoustic panels, CoolCeil ceiling panels, acoustic ceiling systems, StoSilent panels, lift lobby linings, interior wall linings, or anything in between, we’ll help you to find the best products, quickly and simply.

Class range - Acoustic Wall panels

Soundtect Ltd.
An educated combination of design, affordability and performance, Soundtect CLASS range is the perfect choice for architects, clients and contractors, providing a superb 0.95 NRC. These quick and easy to install acoustic panels provide the desired absorption ...

Armstrong Wood Ceilings

Armstrong Ceilings
Armstrong Wood ceilings are available in veneer, where real wood gives a particularly prestigious, high-class solution; laminate, for a durable and more affordable option, and even wood-effect lightweight metal which combines the aesthetics of natural wood wit...

DB Ceiling Absorbers Acoustic Ceiling Panels

H&H Acoustic Technologies
Manufactured from MelaTech foam and covered with acoustic fabric, dB Ceiling Absorbers are decorative products directly bonded to ceilings, designed to reduce reverberation noise. Application Class A acoustic absorption classification (BS EN ISO 11654:19...

Bioguard Ceilings

Armstrong Ceilings
Bioguard is a special treatment paint applied to Armstrong mineral and metal tiles. BIOGUARD products have been especially designed for the healthcare sector, and provides protection against bio-contamination. The BIOGUARD paint has additional components which...

Proclad Hygienic Ceiling - uPVC Replacement Ceiling Tiles

Interior Panel Systems Ltd
Proclad Hygienic Ceiling Replacement Ceiling Tiles are square edged tiles that are suitable for new and existing ceiling grids in commercial spaces, such as commercial kitchens and food preparation areas, food production and any area where an easy to clean and...

Proclad Hygienic Ceiling - uPVC Ceiling Cladding Panels

Interior Panel Systems Ltd
Proclad Hygienic Ceiling Panel Cladding Systems are suitable for commercial space, such as commercial kitchens and food preparation areas, food production and any area where an easy to clean and non- particle shedding ceiling surface is required. IPSL supply...

Dune eVo

Armstrong Ceilings
In every sector from transport to retail, and in every environment from hotels and hospitals to schools and workplaces, Dune eVo is designed to meet all your project needs. Dune eVo is 100% recyclable for never ending value and Cradle to Cradle Certifi ed™...

Metal Axal Vector Ceiings

Armstrong Ceilings
With the tiles virtually concealing the grid and downwardly demountable, the Vector edge detail enables you to create a monolithic ceiling while guaranteeing full access to the plenum. Vector ceiling panels have a double cut kerf on one side (spring kerf for A...

System 330 CoolCeil Ceiling Panels

SAS International Ltd
SAS System 330, linear or tartan grid, is a lay-in tile system that provides functionality and outstanding performance with a range of cost effective design options. System 330 offers the facility to design the ceiling to any building grid size. Tiles are avai...

Metal and Optima Baffles

Armstrong Ceilings
To meet the growing demand for noise reduction solutions that do not compromise the aesthetics of contemporary public areas, Armstrong Ceilings has added baffles to its already peerless portfolio. Previously available as bespoke solutions, Armstrong now has ...
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Did you know that the Length for products within the Ceiling Panels & Tiles category, can range from 250 mm to 19874 mm and the average is 1269 mm?

System 600

SAS International Ltd
System 600 is an acoustic lighting raft or module that is directly suspended from a flat structural soffit or in coffers allowing free air movement to the structural slab for natural cooling. Manufactured from metal the durable finish provides a cost effective...

Acoustic Ceiling Systems

Barrisol Welch
Thanks to Barrisol® Micro-acoustics sheets, the degree of absorption can be regulated with precision according to the specific needs of each part, by selecting the right distance between the sheet and the inner surface . The micro perforations being almost in...

Whiterock Ceiling Systems

Altro Whiterock Hygienic Ceilings meet rigorous hygiene requirements and are particularly suitable for food preparation and medical areas. They form an impervious, hygienic, virtually maintenance-free system which can be hosed down in situ and provide a bright...

Quietstone Standard High Impact Acoustic Panels

Quietstone UK Ltd
The Toughest Ever Made Constructed using specially bonded aggregates, these high impact acoustic panels can withstand almost anything you throw at them. Quietstone Fire Range has been used in various fire ranges up and down the country. Finishes We can ma...

Even Better 25 mm (1 inch)

Fellert Acoustical Ceilings AB
You want a smooth, beautiful acoustical ceiling and have extremely high demands for sound absorption in spaces with vaulted surfaces, domes or you simply need maximum sound absorption with a building height as low as possible. Even Better 25 mm (1 inch) is the...

Cleancare - Acoustic Ceiling Panels & Tiles

Burgess CEP
Whether it’s a restaurant, office, hospital or washroom - wherever you need to depend on exceptional levels of hygiene, Cleancare hygienic ceiling tiles can be relied upon to deliver both performance and aesthetic appeal. With a specially formulated, attract...

Danotile - Perforated Ceiling Panels & Tiles

Knauf Danoline
Clean-room certified gypsum ceiling. Hygiene ceiling suitable for rooms with high cleaning and infection control requirements. White foil-covered surface with a clear-cut look. Robust ceiling tolerating tough cleaning and disinfection agents with pH levels fr...

System 120

SAS International Ltd
SAS System 120 is a range of square and rectangular clip-in metal ceiling tiles supported from a concealed SAS Spring Tee suspension grid. SAS System 120 is particularly suitable for food preparation areas and hospitals where cleanliness is of importance....

Classcare - Acoustic Ceiling Panels & Tiles

Burgess CEP
Lightweight. Contemporary. Easy to handle. Ideally suited to your educational sector project, Classcare acoustic ceiling tiles have a delicate textured finish and are available in a range of edge finishes to complement your design. Classcare’s fresh white fi...

Markant - Perforated Ceiling Panels & Tiles

Knauf Danoline
Recessed grid look with strong shading. Classic and highly robust acoustic ceiling. Easy installation offering a stable and robust acoustic ceiling....
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Did you know that the most common Colour(s) for products within the Ceiling Panels & Tiles category are White , Black and RAL?'

Plaza - Perforated Ceiling Panels & Tiles

Knauf Danoline
Outlined look offerin play of contrasts. Functional design with a clear-cut look. Straight-forward acoustic ceiling with visible T-grid. Robust ceiling, easy to mount....

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