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Search 10 Fire Resisting Ceiling Panels & Tiles from leading Ceiling Panels & Tiles manufacturers including; Trimo, Lindner AG and Above All.

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Other popular types of Ceiling Panels & Tiles include; Acoustic Ceiling Panels & Tiles, Perforated Ceiling Panels & Tiles and Plain Ceiling Panels & Tiles.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Fire Resisting Ceiling Panels & Tiles include; Finish(es), Colour(s) and Material(s).

Surfaces - Fire Resisting Ceiling Panels & Tiles

Lindner AG
Lindner has a wide range of ceiling surfaces for different demands – so that your rooms are not only extraordinary but unique. We apply various colours, patterns, graphics, 3D textures and perforations to your metal ceiling. In particularly challenging are...


Trimoterm fireproof panel is a single spanning solution offering long spans, horizontal tight vertical joint, up to 4 hours fire protection and high degrees of visual flatness. FTV can be used for a wide range of external façade cladding, internal partition w...

Fireproof Ceilings

Lindner AG
Lindner creates sophisticated concepts for both new buildings and renovations where fireproof ceilings are indispensable elements of escape routes: If the fire originates from the ceiling cavity, they protect people for as long as it takes them to get out of t...

TruGrid - Fire Resisting Ceiling Panels & Tiles

Sektor Interior Solutions
High quality, strong and robust, fully fire-tested grid systems. TruGrid Hook 24mm (TGH24mm) is a wide demountable, butt cut exposed tee grid system that combines outstanding stability with efficient installation without the need for tools, allowing you to w...

Spa-Coat - Fire Resisting Ceiling Panels & Tiles

Above All
The coating used to restore discoloured steel, plastic-faced and aluminium ceilings. It is available in high sheen and low sheen finishes in white or most colours to order. Spa-Coat maintains Class ‘O’ fire rating, improves light reflectance and maintains ...

Plastic Faced Plaster Board Tiles

Redditch Partitions & Storage Co Ltd
Generally, suspended ceilings sit within a modular grid. The most popular size is 600mm x 600mm although the 1200mm x 600mm module is an option. The ceiling grid is suspended below the roof or upper floor space and hides the main building services such as wate...


Faay Partitions and Ceilings
FR19 VO (thickness 19mm) is a flexible, demountable ceiling system. It is fire-resistant, thermally insulating as well as sound insulating. This ceiling also improves your room acoustics. FR19 VO ceiling tiles are made from mineral fibres. Thanks to the specia...


Faay Partitions and Ceilings
The GP22 VO (thickness 22mm) is an ultra-flat ceiling system with a clear span, which does not have any contact with the floor above. The GP22 VO is fire-resistant, thermally insulating and highly sound insulating (+12 dB, while the Building Decree prescribes ...


Faay Partitions and Ceilings
2resist® ceiling system is a flexible ceiling system with exceptionally high fire-resistance: at least 2 hours, plus a 10% reserve! This high fire-resistance makes 2resist® unique in the world! 2resist® is made up of a concealed, freely supported suspens...

Spintone FR

Sektor Interior Solutions
A durable, non-directional fissured white tile with additional fire rating properties. _ Spintone FR is a durable, high performance fire rated tile with excellent sound performance qualities. With a non-directional, fissured white face, this tile has been de...
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Did you know that the most common Finish(es) for products within the Fire Resisting Ceiling Panels & Tiles category are aluminium , colour and face?'