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System 330 CoolCeil Ceiling Panels

SAS International Ltd
SAS System 330, linear or tartan grid, is a lay-in tile system that provides functionality and outstanding performance with a range of cost effective design options. System 330 offers the facility to design the ceiling to any building grid size. Tiles are avai...

Linear multi-panel

Derako International B.V.
Just as in the linear open ceiling system, the slats in the multi-panel system are fitted using a fixed module on a special suspension system of carriers and clips, creating a joint. However, in this system it is possible to use different sizes of width, which...

Mineral Fibre Tiles

Redditch Partitions & Storage Co Ltd
Generally, suspended ceilings sit within a modular grid. The most popular size is 600mm x 600mm although the 1200mm x 600mm module is an option. The ceiling grid system is suspended below the roof or upper floor space and hides the main building services such ...

Linear open

Derako International B.V.
The linear open ceiling system consists of solid wooden slats (strips) which are invisibly suspended using a fixed module on a purpose-built innovative suspension system of carriers and clips. This suspension is on the rear of the system and is invisible. ...

GTEC Base Board

A 4 foot long ceiling board ideal for skim plastering. Sold in complete pallets only. It complies with BS 1230 Type 2 and 6 and BS en 520 Type P. The board is composed of Aerated Calcium sulphate di-hydrate enclosed inside a tough paper with bound edges. Core ...

Linear closed

Derako International B.V.
In the closed linear ceiling system, each solid wooden slat overlaps the next. This produces a solid wood appearance through-and-through but is less suitable for spaces with acoustic requirements. It is also possible to apply varying slat widths to one unit si...

Puretone - Plain Ceiling Panels & Tiles

Sektor Interior Solutions
Puretone is a premium performance tile. This fleece covered tile provides a pure white, sandy smooth finish. Ideal for use in a number of settings including open and closed office spaces, boardrooms, lecture halls and auditoriums. Puretone is the complete all-...

Sahara Plain

Sektor Interior Solutions
A brilliant white, soft sandy finished tile, with high all-round performance Sahara Plain is the ideal, mid-range performance tile. This soft sandy finished tile is best suited for closed office environments, shops and schools. Sahara Plain is a modern brill...

Spintone Fine Fissured

Sektor Interior Solutions
An economical, non-directional fissured white tile for everyday applications. _Spintone Fine Fissured is an economical tile designed to meet basic specification needs. A non-directional, fissured tile that has been designed with contemporary styling in mind,...