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Other popular types of Air Conditioning & Ventilation include; In-system Fans, Air Diffusers and Extraction & Ventilation.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Air Coolers include; Typical Building Type, Height and Width.

Fully Packaged Range

F&R Products Limited
Industry relies on water to cool much of its reduction machinery, the cooling of this essential resource can be achieved in a number of ways: Using water… straight off the mains via evaporative cooling towers through dry air coolers via a refrigeration sys...

Biddle Comfort Circle

Biddle Air Systems
The Biddle Comfort Circle cassette unit is designed for heating, cooling and /or ventilating shops and public buildings. With its stylish appearance and low noise level, this Comfort Circle is suitable for use in shops, showrooms, offices, reception areas and ...

Invisidor STYLE

Biddle Air Systems
The Invisidor STYLE range of air curtains has been developed to bring not just performance benefits and energy savings but also high quality designer looks to high street stores and other buildings. Available in bright or brushed stainless steel or a painted f...

VRV Heat Recovery air curtain

Biddle Air Systems
Retailers are being given new opportunities to improve shop floor environments, reduce emissions and save money with the launch of a new air curtain solution connected to the Daikin VRV system. In conjunction with Biddle, Daikin have introduced the first VRVII...

Invisidor CITY

Biddle Air Systems
The Invisidor CITY range of air curtains has been developed to bring performance benefits and energy and cost savings at a lower installed cost than ever before, being ideally suited to high street stores and other relatively small buildings. Using Biddle’s ...

Innovair - Air Coolers

Biddle Air Systems
A lack of ventilation compromises comfort causing headaches, nausea and a generally stale and stuffy atmosphere. Conventional means of introducing fresh air into buildings are usually uncontrolled and very wasteful of energy. Innovair has therefore been develo...

Invisidor CA2

Biddle Air Systems
The Invisidor CA2 air curtain has been developed to deliver greater comfort than a conventional air curtain whilst providing considerable energy savings. Using Biddle’s patented rectifier and CA technology the Invisidor CA2 ensures that conditioned air is su...

Freestanding Range - Flat Bed Dry Air Coolers

F&R Products Limited
The flat bed range of air blast liquid coolers have been designed to fulfil a wide range of cooling needs in the industrial process cooling market. Efficient, economical and easy to operate, special attention being given in their design to achieve optimum the...


Elta Fans
The ZOO Fan SDF is a destratification axial fan with a Ziehl-Abegg high quality FE2owlet impeller, offering high performance, high efficiency and very low sound levels, whilst being ideal for speed control. The stylish and effective SDF fan gently brings warm ...

Invisidor DoorFlow

Biddle Air Systems
Air curtains are acknowledged to enhance comfort conditions in the entrance environment. However with routine maintenance procedures, such as cleaning filters, often ignored a drop-off in performance and an increase in noise all too often results. With this in...
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Did you know that the most common Typical Building Type for products within the Air Coolers category are Retail , Supermarkets and Offices?'

Ceiling Fan HCF

Elta Fans
The Ceiling Fan HCF range of ceiling sweep fans, available in three sizes: 900, 1200 and 1400 are specifically designed to eliminate heat stratification by forcing warm or heated air down again. Equally, HCF units are also designed to provide positive air move...

Charge Air Coolers

E J Bowman (Birmingham) Ltd
Bowman Charge Air Coolers are ideal for cooling marine engines as well as various land based engines such as gen-sets, co-generation equipment and fire pumps. They are also suitable for facilitating engine test and development programs. Additional Charge Air...

i-LIFE2 0202 - 1004

Climaveneta UK Ltd
New i-LIFE2 fancoil is powered by a modulating speed centrifugal fan. This new concept of fancoil operates with continuous air flow regulation assuring the best comfort and a concrete energy savings. Thanks to the different versions, with cabinet or buit-in, l...

MCAT 0501 - 1422

Climaveneta UK Ltd
Outdoor split-system unit for connection with direct expansion coils or remote exchangers. Semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors, axial-flow fans, liquid receiver, compressor inlet and outlet valves with servicing plugs and liquid tap. External panels in Per...