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LYTAG Lightweight Aggregate (LWA) a unique, high quality building material that enables efficient and sustainable construction. Manufactured from Pulverised Fuel Ash, LYTAG LWA is approximately half the weight of traditional aggregate but with the same structural integrity. LYTAG LWA is truly environmentally friendly material providing an excellent alternative to quarried aggregate, being strong, light and consistent. The versatility of LYTAG LWA helps project teams overcome engineering challenges whilst minimising construction timeframes, costs and environmental impact.

LYTAG LWA can be used for many varied applications, including:
- Structural lightweight concrete
- Precast lightweight concrete
- Lightweight floor and roof screed
- Land drainage
- Geotechnical fill
- Green Roofs

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Lytag products

Lytag® LWA image
Lytag® LWA Lytag
LYTAG Screed image
LYTAG Screed Lytag
LYTAG Precast Concrete image
LYTAG Precast Concrete Lytag
Geofill® L1, L2 & L3 image
Geofill® L1, L2 & L3 Lytag
LYTAG Land Drainage image
LYTAG Land Drainage Lytag

Lytag reviews


by John , Architectural Technician
Dear Sirs I will like to a Mix-design for light weight Concrete using Lytag passing 12.5mm Lytag aggregates I using GU PC and wash river sand. John Lacle CMC ( Central Mix Concrete)

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