What Is The Smallest LST Radiator You Can Have?

When installing LST radiators into a space, it’s important that they are the right size for the area available.

Smaller spaces require smaller heating solutions. Often bathrooms or smaller bedrooms raise questions from our customers about the smallest LST radiators that we provide.

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Smaller Options For Smaller Spaces

Smaller rooms take less time to heat up. With less room to work with when installing LST radiators, it’s important to provide a suitable solution for the space.

The smallest LST Radiator measures 500mm x 550mm.

Smaller radiators are beneficial because they require less space while providing strong heat outputs. However, this depends on the type of LST radiator that you choose. You can read more about the types of LST radiator that we provide and their heat outputs from our output tables here.

Bespoke options

Our standard LST radiator sizes range from 500mm x 550mm to 2200mm x 1045mm.

We understand that sometimes however, customers require heating solutions outside of these parameters. We provide a series of bespoke options for our customers that will suit whatever their needs are.

Working alongside you, we will carry out thorough on-site measurements to gain a clear understanding of your needs and the space available.

Many of our customers are in the healthcare, education and residential care sector. We believe in causing as little disruption to service users as possible when entering a space and will only be there when it’s necessary. For many of our projects, this is twice.

When installing LST radiators for schools, we work outside of school hours to avoid any disruption to learning.

Following installation of the radiators, valves and pipework, we will carry out a site survey to ensure the LST radiator covers are a proper fit and make any final adjustments to maximise their suitability to the space.

Vertical Radiators

As part of our bespoke range of LST radiators, Contour can manufacture vertical radiators. These radiators a taller but smaller in width, taking up less of the wall length.

Vertical radiators are beneficial when slimmer radiators are necessary because of limited space on the wall. We can work with the height of the wall rather than the length if this is the best solution for your heating requirements.

Vertical LST radiators are particularly beneficial in bathrooms and toilet areas in healthcare and educational facilities where maximising the usability of a space is a priority.

In communal areas they free up space for furnisher that would have otherwise been restricted.


Contour offer LST radiators that start at sizes as small as 500mm x 550mm. If you require options small than this, or a design outside of the traditional horizonal LST radiator, we can provide bespoke options to meet that need.

We offer bespoke options such as vertical LST radiators to make use of wall height in cases where the space available is limited.

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