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Window components are the wide variety of different elements which make up individual glazing units and glazing systems.

Types of window components include glazing panels, sills and lintels, frames and subframes, mullions and grilles, vents and trickle ventilators, weep holes, cavity closers, gaskets and sealants, weatherstripping, dust pads, locks, latches, catches and handles.

Modern windows are generally prefabricated off site, and require a large number of different components to function properly. Whether timber, aluminium, steel or upvc, windows are complex building elements which require a thorough understanding to specify.

D2000 plus D2000FR Frame Formers

Profiles mainly used for the manufacture of Frame Formers. Please note: Insulation colour may vary....

DucoPlus 45

Bridge Louvre Co Ltd
DucoPlus 45 is a "controllable" aluminium glazed-in window ventilator featuring a smoothly-curved canopy for superior weatherability and positive action inner ‘tip’ which directs the flow of incoming air upwards. »»45 mm glass reduction only and thermal...

Weeks Sash Stop

Pickard Hardware
Sash stop which doesn't require a key. ...

Ogee Architraves 125 x 18mm

Another popular addition to the Kestrel Extra range, the larger Ogee architrave, the 125mm x 18mm represents great value and is available in brilliant white, mahogany, sherwood and rosewood foils....

Retaining Sleeve

Pickard Hardware
Supplied with every pair of Standard Turbo Balances. Fitted at the side on the bottom of each sash to allow the balances to be fixed to the side of the sash. ...

Pocket Balance

Pickard Hardware
Hand held pocket scales ideal for weighing sashes. ...

Window Finishing Trims Quadrant Clip - 22 x 16mm

The 22mm x 16mm quadrant clips come in 25 x 5 meter lengths and are available in brilliant white. ...

EP-SW-11 - Emergency Stop Button

Sontay Limited
Emergency stop button, twist to re-set for manual shutdown of systems in the event of fire or other emergency. ...

Flat Back - Architraves 45 x 7.5mm

A best seller in Essex, the 45mm x 7.5mm flat back architraves are available in standard, brilliant and dove white as well as mahogany, sherwood and rosewood....

Airstrip 300 Ventilator

R.W. Simon Limited
The Airstrip 300 is a thermally broken glazed in ventilator which incorporates the unique RW Simon Ltd PVCu twin shutter system. The Airstrip 300 with it’s slim design is ideal for Bi-Fold and Sliding door units. Slim design combined with the high performa...
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Did you know that the most common Typical Building Type for products within the Window Components category are Public Housing

Angel Ventlock - Facefix

Pickard Hardware
Factory fitted and fixed through the face of the stop. Fire egress regulations compliant. ...

80mm x 7mm Ridge-Architraves-Back Pencil Round

Now available in brilliant white and standard white, mahogany, sherwood and rosewood the 80mm x 7mm ridge back pencil round complements the architrave range....

Ground Floor Treatments

CDW Systems Ltd
Heavy Duty 110 x 55mm Framing Systems for shopfront or ground floor applications.  Polyester powder coated or standard anodised finishes. Thermal or non thermal available. Use our enquiry form to contact us for more information or call 01452 414853 now....

100mm x 80mm Angle

Adopted by the UK market from France, Kestrel's rigid angles are available in a range of sizes 100mm x80mm....

Flat Back - Architraves 45 x 5.5mm

Our 5.5.mm flatback architraves are available in all three whites and woodgrain finishes and new premiergrain anthracite grey....

JAFO Rat Stop 110mm

Purus Ltd
The JAFO Rat Stop offers effective protection against rats in your sewerage system. It is designed to be placed at the entrance to a 110mm pipe and omits electric pulses to keep rats away from the property. The JAFO Rat Stop is an easy, effective and environme...

Limit Stop 115

Barrier Components Ltd
A galvanised limit stop for weld fixing ...

25mm x 8mm Ridge Backed Fillet

Kestrel's 25mm x 8mm ridge backed fillet is available in brilliant and standard....

Sash Stop Striker

Pickard Hardware
Suitable Strike plate for Sash Stops...

OM226 Glass Stop

Omega Build
Glass Stop for the Short Span Self-Supporting Glazing Bar (OM226)....
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Did you know that the Gr. Size for products within the Window Components category, can range from 1 to 6 and the average is 4 ?

Window Trickle Ventilator Invisivent EVO

Renson Fabrications
Invisivent® EVO is a thermally broken window ventilator that is installed on top of aluminium, timber or uPVC window frames. This almost invisible installation guarantees maximum light penetration since the glass size is not reduced plus the Invisivent® EVO ...