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Window components are the wide variety of different elements which make up individual glazing units and glazing systems.

Types of window components include glazing panels, sills and lintels, frames and subframes, mullions and grilles, vents and trickle ventilators, weep holes, cavity closers, gaskets and sealants, weatherstripping, dust pads, locks, latches, catches and handles.

Modern windows are generally prefabricated off site, and require a large number of different components to function properly. Whether timber, aluminium, steel or upvc, windows are complex building elements which require a thorough understanding to specify.

Window Trickle Ventilator AR75

Renson Fabrications
Horizontal strip, aluminium ventilator for windows with internal adjustable flap for airflow control. - Enables secure, weather resistant ventilation with exclusion of insects. Free area (maximum): 26,670 mm²/m. Four intermediate settings. - Aluminium profiles...

Window Reveal Liner

Siderise Group
A decorative and robust reveal liner for use in secondary glazing. They provide a practical means of improving the sound insulation performance of secondary glazed windows. Their application to the reveals substantially reduces the reverberant sound field in t...

Window Trickle Ventilator AK80

Renson Fabrications
Horizontal-strip, adjustable-flap, compact aluminium ventilator with acoustic insulation, for glazing-in, overframe or wall mounting. - Enables secure, weather resistant ventilation with exclusion of insects. Equivalent area (maximum): 8,780 mm²/m. Five interm...

Glazing Shovels

A Glazing shovel is mainly used for the professional installation of insulated glazing units to Toe & Heel to prevent dropping and dragging. The shovel is manufactured from a heavy duty plastic compound and measures approx. 255mm in length by 69mm wide. They ...

Push Ventlock

Pickard Hardware
Allows a sash to be left open only a few inches for ventilation without compromising security. ...

Friction Stay Support

Manufactured in PA6, this assembly strengthens the area around the installation of a friction stay. This spreads the load associated with the use of a friction stay hinge into the frame more evenly, reducing stress and frame deflection in use....

Locking Wedges

The locking wedge works with the window locking system and sits within the window frame. The window locking systems are designed to engage the locking wedge to allow for the sash window locking mechanism to be locked into the frame securely. The locking wedge ...

Euro Groove Wedges

This is a special design of run up block, designed to fit into a full depth euro groove....

Screw Cover Caps

Glazpart offer a full range of screw hole covers in an increasing range of colour options....

Pyroplex 30049 Glazing Gasket

Noberne Seals, associates of Noberne Doors Ltd
Pyroplex® 30049 & 30054 30 Minute Glazing Systems offer a solution for glazing vision panels in fire doors. Pyroplex® 30 Minute Glazing Systems are fully flexible and supplied in slimline reels for easy storage and to minimise wastage. They are also approved f...
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Did you know that the most common Material for products within the Window Components category are PP , Aluminium and PS?'

Duco Acoustic Ventilators

R.W. Simon Limited
The latest addition to the Simon acoustic range....

Angel Ventlock LOCKS - Retro Fit

Pickard Hardware
Factory fitted and side fixed through the glass rebate. Fire egress regulations compliant. ...

PN UNI by Roto Stop Block

Carl F Groupco Ltd
The stop block can be used to restrict the reversal of the sash when cleaning. It is fitted to the glider track and must be positioned to allow the first reverse inbuilt restrictor to engage. Distance A can vary depending on condition on site. Always ensure...

Nylon Sash Cord

Pickard Hardware
This 8 plait synthetic fibre Sash Cord has very high strength and shock resistance. Hard wearing, durable and resistant to mildew. Man made fibre cord at its best. * Max sash weights are given only as a guide. ...

Jute Sash Cord

Pickard Hardware
Natural Jute has a great appeal. The rustic look and tactile fibre is hardwearing and heat resisting. Versatile and easy to tie, 8 plait cord. * Max Sash Weights are given only as a guide. ...

Flush Fitting Vent

Pickard Hardware
Flush fitting, plastic trickle vent. Simple, low cost installation requiring only three hidden screws. Easy consendation control. Fingertop vent adjustment. Vent and Canopy complete set. ...

RCM - Window Subframes

Emplas Window Systems Ltd
Emplas has been fabricating windows since 1979, and we use Profile 22 window and door profile systems that maximise energy efficiency and comply with the latest building regulations. Our high-quality products and dedication to customer service and support has ...

PVCU Cavity Closers

CWG Choices
Choices PVC-U Cavity closers provide a rigid bricklaying template, window acceptor, damp-proof course and thermal break, all in one innovative, east to fit product....

Pro Tec - Classic+

Inwido UK
PRO TEC Classic+ is a timeless, traditional design made from wood and aluminium , it is an energy plus window with excellent energy balance and U-Values. PRO TEC Classic+ is a very good choice for low energy buildings, with its very deep, energy efficient tr...


Balco Balcony Systems Ltd
Balco Climate helps to reduce heating bills. Balco Climate is a glazing solution with two separate sheets of glass in the parapet – clear glass on the outside and heat-absorbing glass on the inside. Solar-powered fans sit between the glass at the bottom. The ...
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Did you know that the most common Standards for products within the Window Components category are BS EN 13141-1 , EN 1670 and Approved Document L1 & L2?'

Jumbo Propagator

Increase your gardening calendar with a greenhouse propagator. The Jumbo Propagator enables you to grow seeds and cuttings in your greenhouse all year round. Measuring almost 2 foot wide by 4 foot three inches the propagator has a range of features including...