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Search 10 Moulded Pyramid Rooflights from leading Moulded Rooflights manufacturers including; Xtralite, Sola Skylights and Jupiter Blue.

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Other popular types of Moulded Rooflights include; Moulded Dome Rooflights, Vaulted Rooflights and Moulded Pyramid Rooflights.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Moulded Pyramid Rooflights include; Shape, Thickness and Colour(s).

X-One Rooflight

This latest range from Xtralite represents the future of rooflights, with an exceptionally low Ud value of 1.3 exceeding the requirements of Part L. The X-One also benefits from low air leakage rates. Unlike other rooflights, the X-One rooflight is designed an...

JB Rectangular Fixed Roof Lights Pyramid Dome

Jupiter Blue
14 Standard Sizes between 600 x 900mm - 1100 x 1700mm, assembled to order Following sizes available to order 1200 x 1500mm, 1200 x 1700mm, 1200 x 1800mm, 1200 x 2400mm, 1300 x 1900mm & 1300 x 2500mm Choice of single, double or triple glazed polycarbonate pyram...

Outlook Polycarbonate Flat Roof Pyramid Rooflights

Rooflights and Glazing
The Outlook rooflights are a high quality product in a limited range of sizes meeting the basic needs of Roofers, Builders & Developers without sacrificing material specification. The Outlook pyramid rooflights range features a double or triple skin of UV enh...

PYRAMIDS - Shaped Rooflights

NaturaLight Systems Ltd
Naturalight polycarbonate pyramid rooflights are designed to be a smart, robust and reliable method of allowing natural light into a room. Available in a range of colour tints (clear, diffused, opal and bronze) they can be made to suit customer specifications....

JB Square Opening Roof Light with Pyramid Dome

Jupiter Blue
13 Sizes from 600 x 600mm to 1900 x 1900mm Single, Double or Triple Glazed Tough Polycarbonate dome Clear or Opal coloured dome Choice of 150mm or 300mm Kerbs with or without vents Fixed with patented high security screwbolt fixing Compliant with HSG33 recomme...

JB Rectangular Opening Roof Lights with Pyramid Dome

Jupiter Blue
10 Standard Sizes between 600 x 900mm - 1100 x 1700mm Choice of single, double or triple glazed polycarbonate domes Clear or opal Choice of kerbs heights Ventilation and non-vented Hinged frame with spindle to open up to 300mm U Values: Triple glazed 1.78, Dou...

JB Square Rooflight with Pyramid Dome

Jupiter Blue
A precision made thermoformed rooflight designed to make the maximum use of natural lighting. Our pyramid domes are offered in a huge range of shapes, sizes and glazing options to comply with almost any specifier requirements...

Square Rooflights Burglar Bars

Sola Skylights
Our standard roofight range offers you the versatility of a tailor-made solution, without the additional cost or lead time. All Sola Skylights glazing elements are manufactured in high-quality UVprotected polycarbonate and are available as single-, double- an...