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Search 110+ Flooring Underlay from leading Floor Finishes manufacturers including; Uzin, Anglo Recycling Technology Ltd and Ecohome-Insulation.

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Other popular types of Floor Finishes include; Timber Floor Finishes, Floor Tiles and Carpets.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Flooring Underlay include; Thickness, Width and Length.


Woodpecker Flooring
Floormate provides an excellent moisture protection, and is ideal for areas of heavy foot traffic. Made from rubber, it incorporates a foil vapour barrier and is ideal for any floating floor installation because it combines comfort, support and good sound and ...

Recycled Mixed Plastic Piles | Support Posts 200mm Diametor

Kedel Limited
Model: SG200300 Impervious to Moisture and Extremely Robust The pointed top is designed for easier installation and will not break. Recycled Plastic Piles are ideal for all areas, especially aquatic and marine areas as it absorbs no moisture and is nota...

Hush Recycled Rubber Underlay for Vinyl Flooring

Hush Acoustics
Hush Underlay For Vinyl Flooring consists of a fine granulate of recycled rubber with a cork and PU elastomer bonding agent. Hush Underlay For Vinyl Flooring matting is a Resilient layer suitable for use under most Floor finishes. It has been developed for ...

Hush FFR Recycled Rubber Resilient Underlay

Hush Acoustics
educationleisure Hush FFR Acoustic Rubber Underlay is a fully recycled rubber designed for use with both soft and hard flooring, such as Engineered timber, Laminate, stone flooring and carpet, designed to absorb footfall noise and increase living standards wi...

Commercial Double Stick Underlay 6.5

CFS Complete Flooring Solutions
CFS Commercial Double Stick Underlay 6.5 is a commercial crumb underlay designed for heavy commercial installations. It is manufactured from a high content of recycled vehicle tyres bound in a unique latex formulation that delivers exceptional resilience and ...

XL Underlay

Woodpecker Flooring
When a subfloor suffers from some minor dips (up to 3mm), XL Underlay can help to solve the problem. It's made from lightweight extruded polystyrene and comes in packs of 10 tiles that are 500mm wide by 1200mm long. It offers exceptional sound and thermal insu...

Recycled Mixed Plastic Piles | Support Posts 250mm Diameter

Kedel Limited
Model: SB250350 Unbreakable, Large and very Heavy-duty This is the Ideal as support posts.The pointed end is designed to allow for easier installation, sliding into the ground firmly. If you are worried about the product breaking over time due to enviro...

UZIN RR 189 Plus Fire retardant underlay

Acoustic and thermal insulation under textile and PVC coverings Flame-retardant, bonded resilient underlay under textile and resilient coverings - for renovation of old buildings and, in new-build, for optimum underfoot- and ambient comfort Applicatio...

Hush Underlay for LVT flooring - low weight & low gauge acoustic underlay

Hush Acoustics
Hush underlay for LVT Flooring is a specially designed low weight and low gauge acoustic underlay that has been designed for Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT). It shows excellent impact sound reduction for a thin underlay product when used under the leading luxury v...

Acoustamat Polythylene Foam Underlay

Woodpecker Flooring
Woodpecker Acoustamat is a slatted, polyethylene foam underlay that enables planks to be glued directly to the subfloor using a liquid batten system. The precut slots ensure minimum adhesive is used and allow for spot levelling. Once installed, Acoustamat prov...
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Did you know that the Area for products within the Flooring Underlay category, can range from 6 m2 to 120 m2 and the average is 18 m2?

Aquastop Underlay

Woodpecker Flooring
Designed especially for ground level subfloors where moisture could be present, Aquastop has the same qualities as Basic 20 underlay, plus a laminated damp proof membrane (DPM). The membrane is 80mm wider than the underlay padding to ensure ultimate moistur...

Carpet Underlay

Anglo Recycling Technology Ltd
Confronting carpet industry issues – RecoWool is made from recycling carpet off cuts. This new raw material was going to landfill but Anglo Recycling developed a machine that recycles this into carpet underlay. Flame retardant - The RecoWool fibre blend ...

Blue Damp Proof Barrier

Woodpecker Flooring
This superior quality underlay is designed to protect wood flooring from a damp subfloor. Its dimpled surface allows air to flow beneath the barrier making it perfect for basements or recently screeded floors. The air circulation means a new subfloor can dry w...

Basic 20 Underlay

Woodpecker Flooring
Where you have a level and moisture-free subfloor, Basic 20 underlay is the optimum choice. It’s inexpensive, offers good comfort and support, and has reasonable soundproofing qualities. Its low thermal resistance is great for underfloor heating too. Basi...

UZIN Multimoll SoftSonic 3 mm underlay

Acoustically insulating, stress-relieving underlay with minimal thickness for bonded wood flooring - minimal construction thickness, ideal for refurbishment work - stress-relieving plus insulation of impact and ambient sound – 3-in-1 function - incre...

QLay Sound Insulating Flooring

Quietstone UK Ltd
8mm Sound Insulating Flooring Panels If your looking for Sound insulating flooring then QLay 8mm is an excellent choice. It can be used over chipboard, wooden floors, and concrete floors to help meet Part E building regulations for Sound Insulation. Benefi...

Acoustic Matting & Adhesive

Norcros Adhesives
A resilient layer suitable for use under most floor finishes such as ceramic tiles, natural stone and soft floor coverings such as vinyl, wood and carpet. The matting has been developed for use in both commercial and residential buildings such as apartments, h...

UZIN RR 188 floor underlay

Bonded resilient underlay under textile coverings or wood flooring - for renovation of old buildings and, in new-build, for optimum underfoot- and ambientcomfort Applications: - under textile coverings - under tongue-and-groove wood flooring (only 3 a...

WorkPro Tack Plus

QA Flooring Solutions Ltd
The strong adhesive on one side of WorkPro Tack Plus makes fitting so much easier than traditional nailing and gluing – not to mention more economical. With a strong 500 gauge vapour barrier with joint sealing system to stop damp rising from the subfloor, th...

Moisture-Tech 710 For Concrete

System 7 Chemical
Moisture-Tech 710 for Concrete is a moisture control product that reduces moisture vapor emissions from any level down to 3 pounds per 1000 sq. ft. per 24 hours. Moisture-Tech 710 for Concrete is designed exclusively for the floor covering industry. Moisture-T...
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Did you know that the most common Type for products within the Flooring Underlay category are Roll , floor and standard?'

WorkPro Tack

QA Flooring Solutions Ltd
Covered by a peelable protective film, the strong adhesive on one side of WorkPro Tack means fitting’s much easier than traditional nailing and gluing – so it’s installed in double-quick time! - with all the compression-resisting benefits of physically ...