Titon manufactures and supplies ventilation and window products – ranging from its signature Trimvent background ventilator to window handles, locking systems and hinge systems to powered ventilation products including whole house systems and extract fans. As a manufacturer, Titon also invests heavily in research and development, which enables the company to use the latest technology to keep its products both innovative and cost effective.

Find us at:

894 The Crescent, Colchester Business Park
United Kingdom
P: 0 1206 713800

Titon products

HRV 1.25 Q Plus image
HRV 1.25 Q Plus Titon
HRV 1.35 Q Plus image
HRV 1.35 Q Plus Titon
HRV 1.75 Q Plus image
HRV 1.75 Q Plus Titon
HRV 2 Q Plus image
HRV 2 Q Plus Titon
HRV 2.85 Q Plus image
HRV 2.85 Q Plus Titon
HRV 3 Q Plus image
HRV 3 Q Plus Titon
HRV 10 Q Plus image
HRV 10 Q Plus Titon
HRV 10M Q Plus image
HRV 10M Q Plus Titon
HRV 10.25 Q Plus image
HRV 10.25 Q Plus Titon
H200 Q Plus image
H200 Q Plus Titon
CME 2 Q Plus image
CME 2 Q Plus Titon
Solitude dMEV image
Solitude dMEV Titon
Solace dMEV image
Solace dMEV Titon
Axial Kitchen Range image
Axial Kitchen Range Titon
Window Ventilators image
Window Ventilators Titon
AirLiner image
AirLiner Titon
AirCore image
AirCore Titon

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