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Elastoseal EPDM Geomembrane

by SealEco

Elastoseal EPDM Geomembrane

by SealEco

Rubber possesses unique properties and it has proven itself for many years. The material provides an effective and durable membrane with high resistance to chemicals. It has a unique ability to withstand mechanical stresses in the form of pressure and movements. This provides unique benefits as a geomembrane that will be exposed to settlements and movements in the ground.

Elastoseal EPDM Geomembrane remains elastic regardless of age and temperature and offers high resistance to root penetration. It is not subject to stress cracking and does not have a yield point like thermoplastic materials.Elastoseal EPDM can be installed exposed to weather and atmosphere, or covered by soil or water. Strength, elasticity and service life remains untouched by mechanical stress, settlements temperatures, chemical and biological influence.

Elastoseal EPDM Geomembrane can be spliced with the Thermobond splicing technique that is a user friendly and controllable splicing method, where all splicing on site is performed with a hot wedge or hot air gun. The rubber membrane is made to measure and prefabricated in large panels normally 500-1500 m². The size is limited by weight and ease of handling. Pipe boots and penetrations can also be prefabricated.

Elastoseal EPDM Geomembrane

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Specification Details for Elastoseal EPDM Geomembrane (Below-Ground Drainage Fittings)

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