Safetell is a leading designer, manufacturer, installer, and maintenance provider of security products: including bullet resistant and / or attack resistant cashier glazing in a number of styles, bullet resistant fast rising screens, counterwork, security doors, cash scoops, nightpay hatches, speech transfer systems, bulk transfer units, cash drawers, keysafes,and bespoke security products.

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Safetell products

Cash Transfer Scoop image
Cash Transfer Scoop Safetell
Pay Windows PW1 image
Pay Windows PW1 Safetell
Pay Windows PW2 image
Pay Windows PW2 Safetell
Pay Windows PW3 image
Pay Windows PW3 Safetell
Pay Windows PW4 image
Pay Windows PW4 Safetell
Pay Windows PW5 image
Pay Windows PW5 Safetell
Access Control image
Access Control Safetell
Cash Transfer Scoop image
Cash Transfer Scoop Safetell
Cash Deposit Unit image
Cash Deposit Unit Safetell
Fast Rising Screen image
Fast Rising Screen Safetell
Night Pay Hatch image
Night Pay Hatch Safetell

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