The Pitacs Group is now one of the largest distributors of heating products as well as the electrical cables in the UK and elsewhere supplying over 38 countries across the world.

The main product lines are:

Ultraheat: Compact Radiators: Steel Panel Convector Radiators, designer steel radiators and towel rails

Aeon: Hand made stainless steel sculptural radiators and towel rails

Pitacs: Electrical and data cables

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Pitacs products

Aeon - Abacus image
Aeon - Abacus Pitacs
Aeon - Alien image
Aeon - Alien Pitacs
Aeon - Arat E image
Aeon - Arat E Pitacs
Aeon - Arat L image
Aeon - Arat L Pitacs
Aeon - Atilla image
Aeon - Atilla Pitacs
Aeon - Bamboo image
Aeon - Bamboo Pitacs
Aeon - Bamboo Corner image
Aeon - Bamboo Corner Pitacs
Aeon - Banio image
Aeon - Banio Pitacs
Aeon - Bolero image
Aeon - Bolero Pitacs
Aeon - Bombe image
Aeon - Bombe Pitacs
Aeon - Bosporus image
Aeon - Bosporus Pitacs
Aeon - Cappadocia image
Aeon - Cappadocia Pitacs
Aeon - Cat Ladder image
Aeon - Cat Ladder Pitacs
Aeon - Cengiz image
Aeon - Cengiz Pitacs
Aeon - Clipper image
Aeon - Clipper Pitacs
Aeon - Coffer image
Aeon - Coffer Pitacs
Aeon - Combe image
Aeon - Combe Pitacs
Aeon - Dalya E image
Aeon - Dalya E Pitacs
Aeon - Dalya L image
Aeon - Dalya L Pitacs
Aeon - Ecstasy image
Aeon - Ecstasy Pitacs
Aeon - Elixir image
Aeon - Elixir Pitacs
Aeon - F-Bar image
Aeon - F-Bar Pitacs
Aeon - Fatih image
Aeon - Fatih Pitacs
Aeon - Fluent image
Aeon - Fluent Pitacs
Aeon - Gallant image
Aeon - Gallant Pitacs
Aeon - Gallipoli image
Aeon - Gallipoli Pitacs
Aeon - Grandeur image
Aeon - Grandeur Pitacs
Aeon - Honeycomb image
Aeon - Honeycomb Pitacs
Aeon - Imza image
Aeon - Imza Pitacs
Aeon - Kaptan image
Aeon - Kaptan Pitacs
Aeon - Kare E image
Aeon - Kare E Pitacs
Aeon - Kare L image
Aeon - Kare L Pitacs

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