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Lagan Brick

Lagan Brick is a subsidiary of the Lagan Group. With a heritage spanning over 50 years, the independently family owned companies rank among the leading quarry materials, cement, house building, construction products, and civil engineering companies in Ireland and the UK. We manufacture a diverse range of clay bricks and products, and facing bricks to suit all your needs in terms of colour, texture and technical performance.

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Lagan Brick


Lagan Brick products

Categories: Facing Bricks (16)
Grafton image
Grafton Lagan Brick
Rosewood image
Rosewood Lagan Brick
Autumn Dragface image
Autumn Dragface Lagan Brick
Red Rustic image
Red Rustic Lagan Brick
Knoxton image
Knoxton Lagan Brick
Red Dragface image
Red Dragface Lagan Brick
Red Smooth image
Red Smooth Lagan Brick
Hanover image
Hanover Lagan Brick
Heritage image
Heritage Lagan Brick
Old Forge image
Old Forge Lagan Brick
Danesford image
Danesford Lagan Brick
Earlsford image
Earlsford Lagan Brick

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