Imperial Bricks

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of the finest traditional handmade, wirecut and pressed bricks, we specialise in producing a growing range with a strong focus on regional variations, in imperial and metric sizes. Using time-honoured manufacturing methods, our skilled brickmakers expertly reproduce authentic colours and textures, making our bricks perfect for the restoration, renovation and conservation of period properties, whilst offering an authentic look for new build projects.

Our highly experienced team is dedicated to offering technical advice and guidance and an expert brick matching service, along with bespoke brick weathering, blending and tailored product development.

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Imperial Bricks
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Imperial Bricks products

Country Blend is a high quality handmade brick with subtle weathering to provide an instantly established look. The blend is predominantly orange mixed with reds and soft browns to give a mellow authentic appearance.

Extensively used throughout middle Engla...
Country Blend Imperial Bricks
Reclamation Shire Blend is a handmade brick characterised by red/orange shades weathered with soot and traces of lime mortar and is an ideal replacement for reclaimed handmade bricks salvaged from the demolition of old farm buildings.

Available in both impe...
Reclamation Shire Blend Imperial Bricks
The 2¼” Genuine Reclaimed is a handmade brick with extensive weathering and character.

Perfect for use in period property renovation or to instantly provide new build developments with traditional appeal.

As this brick is a genuine reclaim, there is n...
2¼" Genuine Reclaimed Imperial Bricks
A high quality handmade yellow brick with some overburns and commonly known as a ‘London Yellow Stock’.

Genuinely handmade, fully frost resistant and manufactured identically to the reclaimed handmade yellow stock bricks so commonly found in London and ...
Yellow Stock Imperial Bricks
This type of brick was historically a signature building material throughout London and the South East of England.

Imperial in size, genuinely handmade, frost resistant, our Yellow Multi Stock is ideal for matching existing brickwork in the renovation of pe...
Yellow Multi Stock Imperial Bricks
Cambridge Buff is an exclusive uniform handmade brick, commonly known as a ‘Suffolk White’.

This soft, creamy yellow brick replicates those historically used for facing work on prestigious buildings around Cambridge, London, Suffolk and the Home Countie...
Cambridge Buff Imperial Bricks
An exclusive soft red handmade brick commonly known as a ‘Red Rubber’.

Our Soft Red bricks have a soft texture with subtle colour variations and slight creasing or ‘smiles’ on the face. This brick type was used extensively across Southern England fr...
Soft Red Imperial Bricks
Our Soft Red Multi handmade brick is fired at a higher than average temperature, which results a slightly darker shade of red with contrasting overburns.

This characterful red brick reproduces the look of bricks used extensively during the industrial revolu...
Soft Red Multi Imperial Bricks
Reclamation Soft Red undergoes a special ageing process to give an identical appearance to genuine reclaimed bricks.

These red bricks have a soft texture with slight creasing or ‘smiles’ on the face. They are perfect for high quality renovation, restora...
Reclamation Soft Red Imperial Bricks
The Blue Header is an imperial sized handmade brick with a traditional blue edging.

Blue headers have historically been produced as a by-product of ancient brick manufacturing methods and used to create Flemish Bond brick patterns as well as beautiful decor...
Blue Header Imperial Bricks
Our 2½” Georgian is a high quality solid handmade brick displaying a colour spectrum ranging from plum to oranges and soft reds.

This type of brick was historically used across Middle England, the Home Counties and East Anglia in towns and rural areas th...
2½" Georgian Imperial Bricks
Regency Orange is a fine textured handmade brick which displays soft orange shades.

These bricks were typically a feature of grand houses in Southern England and the home counties from the early 17th and 18th centuries.

Our Regency Orange brick is genuin...
Regency Orange Imperial Bricks
Farmhouse Orange is a high quality orange/red blended handmade brick with a textured appearance and some creasing on the face.

These bricks were historically used throughout middle England in the ‘Shire Counties’ to build farmhouses, barns and period co...
Farmhouse Orange  Imperial Bricks
Urban Weathered is an exclusive handmade brick which replicates the weathered and sooted appearance that bricks in urban areas gain naturally over time.

Available in both imperial and metric sizes, our Urban Weathered is fully frost resistant to BS EN 771...
Urban Weathered Imperial Bricks