Gunnebo manufacture high-performance, customisable speed gates to support your design.

You can customise Gunnebo's entrance security products to fit in with the architecture and interior design of most buildings thanks to our wide selection of materials and finishes. In addition, flexibility on dimensions will allow you to achieve the right balance between flow rate requirement and the use of space.

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Gunnebo products

SpeedStile FPW - EV image
SpeedStile FPW - EV Gunnebo
SpeedStile FPW -  BA image
SpeedStile FPW - BA Gunnebo
SpeedStile FP -  EV image
SpeedStile FP - EV Gunnebo
SpeedStile FP - BA image
SpeedStile FP - BA Gunnebo
SpeedStile FLS - BA image
SpeedStile FLS - BA Gunnebo
SpeedStile BPW -  EV image
SpeedStile BPW - EV Gunnebo
SpeedStile BPW - BA image
SpeedStile BPW - BA Gunnebo
SpeedStile BP image
SpeedStile BP Gunnebo
SpeedStile BP - EV image
SpeedStile BP - EV Gunnebo

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