Frico Ltd

Frico offers you a wide range of products for a comfortable indoor climate.Through our parent company Systemair, we also possess knowledge about ventilation and can provide appropriate solutions.

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Frico Ltd
72 Cheston Road, Birmingham, B7 5EJ

Frico Ltd products

PA3500 A/E/W image
PA3500 A/E/W Frico Ltd
AGS5500 A/W image
AGS5500 A/W Frico Ltd
Corinte ADCS image
Corinte ADCS Frico Ltd
Corinte ACCS E/W image
Corinte ACCS E/W Frico Ltd
AR 3500 A/E/W image
AR 3500 A/E/W Frico Ltd
PA4200 A/E/W image
PA4200 A/E/W Frico Ltd
ADA Cool A image
ADA Cool A Frico Ltd
PA3200C A/E/W image
PA3200C A/E/W Frico Ltd
Portier E/A image
Portier E/A Frico Ltd
PA2500 A/E/W image
PA2500 A/E/W Frico Ltd
PA2200C A/E/W image
PA2200C A/E/W Frico Ltd
AR200 A/E/W image
AR200 A/E/W Frico Ltd
Fan heater SWT image
Fan heater SWT Frico Ltd

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