Duco Ventilation & Sun Control supplies oxygen to every building naturally. Bringing fresh air in directly via the façade, without complex supply air ducts, is the ultimate guarantee for a healthy indoor climate. The consumer's health is, therefore, central to Duco.

The wide variety of air terminals and architectural external solar shading systems available guarantee a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

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Duco products

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DucoSun 100C Underslung image
DucoSun 100C Underslung Duco
DucoSun 100C Overslung image
DucoSun 100C Overslung Duco
DucoSun 100C framed image
DucoSun 100C framed Duco
DucoSun 100C Vertical image
DucoSun 100C Vertical Duco
DucoSun Cubic Unifit image
DucoSun Cubic Unifit Duco
DucoSun Cubic Multifit image
DucoSun Cubic Multifit Duco
DucoSun Cubic Moveable image
DucoSun Cubic Moveable Duco
DucoSun Wing image
DucoSun Wing Duco
DucoSlide LuxFrame image
DucoSlide LuxFrame Duco
DucoSlide SlimFrame image
DucoSlide SlimFrame Duco
DucoSun 150CF Overslung image
DucoSun 150CF Overslung Duco
DucoSun 150CF Vertical image
DucoSun 150CF Vertical Duco
DucoSun Ellips Unifit image
DucoSun Ellips Unifit Duco
DucoSun Ellips Multifit image
DucoSun Ellips Multifit Duco
DucoSun Ellips Moveable image
DucoSun Ellips Moveable Duco

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