Wire Radiator Guards VS Metal Radiator Guards

There are a few options when it comes to selecting radiator guards for your project, including anti-ligature, LST radiator guards and also wire mesh radiator guards.

Contour specialise in providing metal radiator guards in the below sectors:

• Healthcare

• Education

• Mental Health

• Commercial & Office

• Social Housing

• Security

Wire Mesh Radiator Guards

Wire mesh radiator guards are an alternative to LST metal radiator guards as they are also safe to touch and allow for full heat circulation. They’re normally coated in moulded plastic so the radiator guard doesn’t absorb the heat.

The main obvious feature of the wire radiator guards is they have very large holes, which in certain environments can be a hazard and cause problems.

An example of this would be in a nursery or school, where small objects such as pencils can be pushed through.

Although they could easily be removed, the radiator should not be used as a toy. They also wouldn’t be suitable for any organisations that needed anti-ligature radiator guards.

Like most heater guards, wire mesh guards can have a sloping top or be wall mounted.

Although they have access points to adjust heating settings, there is no real access to the radiator to clean behind it. This can be crucial in care homes and hospitals where the health and wellbeing of patients is the priority.

Metal Radiator Guards

Metal radiator covers dominate the radiator guard industry as they’re so versatile and look professional and clean.

Both anti-ligature and LST radiator guards provided by Contour include an exclusive BioCote microbial protection and a patented drop-down the front so you can easily access the radiator for cleaning.

This unique antibacterial additive gives extra protection to environments such as schools, nurseries and hospitals.

For even thorough cleaning, Rotarad rotating radiator valves can be installed so the radiator can be removed from the wall in seconds.

They’re all made to measure and can have a range of features added depending on the sector they’re used in.

For example, colours can have a big impact on feelings and emotions making it a key consideration when installing radiator guards in the education and healthcare sectors.

Although our radiator guards are built to withhold knocks from hospital beds and bangs from children’s bags, you may require something stronger. Contour offers other LST radiators made from materials such as stainless steel and magnelis.


Wire mesh and metal radiator guards both provide safety around radiators in communal places, depending on the environment one may be more suitable than the other.

If you want to find out more about metal radiator guards, Low surface temperature or Anti-ligature then get in touch today.

We’re more than happy to work with you to ensure your project is fulfilled to your satisfaction, whether it’s for 1 radiator guard or 200 as all Contours radiator guards are manufactured in the UK.

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