Where Should You Locate LST Radiators In A Room?

The location of an LST radiator in a room is an important issue for many of our customers.

Making sure that they are positioned for the optimal levels of safety and comfort is vital to creating a welcoming space where staff and service users can relax.

Contour have been blogging about the optimal places to locate LST radiators to ensure that they are in the best place for customer satisfaction and heat output.

Choosing the Ideal Spot

In the past, LST radiators and traditional radiators have been expected, and often required, to be fitted underneath window sills.

This was because double glazing wasn’t as a common and the heating system would have to cancel out the draft that sometimes came from single-glazed windows and to warm up what was considered the coldest part of the room.

However, this is no longer necessary.

While it’s still a good idea to locate your LST radiators in the coldest area of the room, you might find that it’s not always underneath the windowsill.

For example, spaces with doors that open externally will often be colder around the doors because of the draft generated when people come and go.

You should try and keep your LST radiators away from furnisher that could block the emission of heat into the room.

If you have no choice due to room size restrictions, a convector LST radiator will be the best solution for you as they push the air up towards the ceiling rather than out into the room.

Similarly, if you are putting LST radiators under a window, ensure that curtains aren’t resting on them as they could act as a funnel for the heat to go out of the window rather than into the rom.


Bathrooms are often small spaces with limited choice on where an LST radiator can be placed. However, areas around the toilet should be avoided where possible.

Business Insider states the average toilet flush can spray water, and therefore germs, up to 6 feet away across the room if the lid isn’t down.

This creates a hygiene issue if germs are able to reach the dark, warm corners of the back of the radiators.

Here at Contour, our DeepClean LST radiators reduce the presence of potentially harmful germs thanks to the BioCote® antimicrobial technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria such as H1N1 influenza virus, Salmonella and Streptococcus faecalis, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.


There is no longer an expectation for LST radiators to be placed underneath window sills. Thanks to double-glazing, you are free to locate your heaters wherever suits your spaces best.

You can still consider where the coldest points in a room are when choosing your locations, however, when installing convector LST radiators you won’t be restricted around where furnisher and equipment is placed.

In bathrooms, it’s advisable to avoid placing an LST radiator near a toilet. However, thanks to our BioCote® anti-microbial technologies, if your space is small and space is limited, you are protected from the risk of potentially harmful bacteria no matter where the LST is placed.

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