Selecting LST Radiator Guards For Hospitals

Best LST Radiator Guards For Hospitals

Contour understands the challenges that hospitals are faced with when looking for LST radiators, Anti-ligature radiators and the radiator cover market.

The priority is the safety and wellbeing of patients within the environment they already feel comfortable in.

Robust Build

Hospitals experience a lot of heavy traffic, with trolleys, beds and bags knocking and banging against the sides and radiator covers.

Contour has designed its LST radiators with safety in mind, ensuring product durability is maximised to limit the risk of damage. They’re made out of 1.5mm Zintec mild steel, resisting corrosion to further enhance the resilience of the radiator.

The radiator covers also come with additional folds to give it a higher level of strength making it more resistant to the day-to day wear.

Contour also offers a range of additional options when you purchase LST radiators to further boost the durability of your radiator in a hospital environment.

Stainless steel options that are stronger and more resistant to damage are available as well as the options of adding magnelis to your covers that have the strength of steel and more resistant to rust for wet environments.

Some areas require vertical or bespoke radiator guards to cover up towel radiators or vertical radiators, all our radiators are made bespoke to your space anyway so we are more than happy to assist you on a bespoke project.

Exclusive BioCote® Protection

Contour provides the only radiator guards that are powder coated with Biocote, an antimicrobial technology that provides effective protection against harmful bacteria, mould, fungi and viruses by up to 99.99%.

This protection is a no brainer when it comes to hospitals where there are strict hygiene protocols and high risk of cross-contamination.

Quicker Cleaning Means Lower Costs

Contour has specifically designed a DeepClean radiator range to improve cleaning efficiency and hygiene standards, resulting in reduced overheads.

The drop-down front panels and quick release locks allow easy access to the radiators so they can be cleaned quickly and more effectively than regular radiators.

For even further cleanliness, Rotarad valve fittings can be added to allow for the whole radiator to be easily removed by a cleaner lowering it down to floor level.

Since 2006, DeepClean has potentially saved the NHS hundreds of millions in overhead costs, discover how here.

Colour Options

Often overlooked, colour can have a huge impact on an environment. Hospitals are known for having the majority of things white which give a very clinical feel.

Children’s wards are a perfect example of featuring a coloured radiator guard.

Leighton Hospital is a perfect example of how to make a hospital room friendly and calming whilst still ensuring the highest level of healthcare hygiene and functionality.

The radiator covers were coloured to match the wall and become part of the room rather than another clinical white piece of furniture.

To view our full colour range view our RAL chart. (surcharges may apply)


When it comes to choosing which type of radiator or radiator guard to go for there are many options. However Biocote comes as standard with our radiator guards as it’s incorporated in the manufacturing process.

Hospitals are busy environments that shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to the safety and wellbeing of their patients.

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