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Rapid Walkway

Big Foot Systems
Big Foot Rapid Walkway is ideal for establishing clear, safe non-penetrative pathways around installations on a flat roof. The gritted GRP top to the walkway grating provides a permanent non-slip surface in any weather and is supported on Fix-it Foot feet....

Precast Concrete Ground Beams

Milbank Concrete Products
Milbank manufactures project specific ground beams for a number of leading contractors in the UK. Our purpose built factory is capable of producing a variety of ground beams as well as a range of precast products to meet our client’s requirements. At Milb...

LD Standard Frame

Big Foot Systems
The LD standard product range consists of three standard modular frames, available in 1m, 2m and 3m arrangements. This ensures minimal cross-member deflection whilst maintaining structural stability; as opposed to weaker alternatives often constructed from poo...

Step Over - Lightweight Structural Frames

Big Foot Systems
Big Foot Step Overs available with 2, 3 and 4 steps and a 1m landing section. The four legs on each Step Over are supplied with 305mm feet and rubber mats for stability. For safe passage over small hazards our Big Foot Step Over Platform is available....

HD Beam - Lightweight Structural Frames

Big Foot Systems
The HD Beam was developed as a lighter weight companion to the HD Cube and comprises 50mm x 50mm x 3mm square hollow sections to minimise beam deflection. Typical applications include large and heavy plant but is equally functional at supporting heavy pipes an...

HD Cube - Lightweight Structural Frames

Big Foot Systems
The HD Cube offers a complete, efficient and robust solution for supporting heavier services on flat roofs. It has been designed and manufactured using 50mm x 50mm x 3mm square hollow sections for heavy duty applications. This ensures minimal cross-member defl...

Heavy Duty Eaves Beam

For wider , stronger more exciting door projects Homeowners can now buy much wider bi-fold doors that open up virtually the whole side of their conservatory to provide added space and flexible access to the garden. To ensure that these doors work effectively,...

Accoya - Timber Structural Frames

Accoya® wood is the result of decades of research and development that has brought together a long-established, extensively proven wood modification technique and leading-edge patented technology – acetylation to create a high performance wood, ideal for ou...

H Frame Sets

Big Foot Systems
Non-penetrative supports for pipework, duct and cable ladder/tray. The H Frame Set is a quick, versatile and economical solution for supporting pipework, duct, cable trays or any combination of these. You provide your own strut, keeping the duct and pipe insta...

Kerto-Ripa Panel

Metsä Wood
The Kerto-Ripa panel is a structural engineered wood building element, combined of Kerto Q panels and Kerto S ribs. Kerto-Ripa can be used as flooring and roofing elements. Kerto-Ripa flooring solutions are ideal for long span intermediate floors (up to 8m). T...
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Did you know that the Thickness for products within the Structural Frames category, can range from 1.2 mm to 297 mm and the average is 32 mm?

Leno Cross Laminated Timber

Metsä Wood
Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) provides large format, solid boards of timber, produced to exceptional dimensions of up to 4.8m x 20m with thicknesses between 50 and 300mm. The cross laminated timber panels are glued with a durable adhesive bond ensuring that bui...

Kerto Q Cross Bonded Panels

Metsä Wood
Kerto Q is a cross-bonded Kerto. This means that one-fifth of the veneers are glued crosswise. The structure improves the lateral bending strength and stiffness of the panel, thus increasing the shear strength. With cross-bonded veneers, there is an essential ...

Stren-Cor - Steel Structural Frames

Asset International Ltd
As with our MULTIPLATE product range, Stren•Cor combines the advantage of lightweight construction with the superior strength and durability of galvanised steel. Stren•Cor has larger annular corrugations (400 mm pitch and 150 mm depth) than MULTIPLATE. Th...

Recycled Plastic Reinforcements

Meet WER standards in the most cost-effective way...a little extra profile cost provides a huge glass cost saving while still attaining 'A' Ratings and top 'u' ratings. Rigorous development trials and simulation reports were conducted before Synseal launched ...

BEBO® Concrete Arch System

Asset International Ltd
The BEBO Concrete Arch Bridge System from ASSET is a pre-engineered system built from factory-made components and site-specific construction materials. Pre-cast concrete arch sections are shipped to site for installation. The structure is backfilled with engin...

Architectural Tensile Fabric Structures

J & J Carter
Tensile structures are now an acceptable building material, permitting the design of exciting roof forms that would be almost impossible with traditional building methods. Not only do tensile structures offer the variety of form, but also translucency, colour...

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Asset International Ltd
The versatility of MULTIPLATE in terms of structure shapes and sizes offers the widest possible choice to the designer addressing conventional design problems and also considerable scope for originality when faced with one of the many unusual problems which ar...

Ayrshire Steel Framing

Ayrshire Metal Products
A growth market for the company over the past ten years has been in the development of lightweight galvanised structural beams used in a wide variety of construction projects. Ayrshire has made significant progress in this area of construction, particularly st...

AyrFrame - Steel Structural Frames

Ayrshire Metal Products
AyrFrame is a unique lightweight high strength modular steel building system for fast track construction projects including multi-rise applications. AyrFrame volumetric buildings can usually be designed as freestanding structures eliminating heavy hot-rolled ...

Kerto S LVL Beams

Metsä Wood
Kerto S is a laminated veneer lumber (LVL) product. One of the notable features of Kerto S is that the wood grain runs longitudinally through all the layers. The finished panel is cross-cut and rip-sawn to order....
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Did you know that the Height for products within the Structural Frames category, can range from 21 mm to 880 mm and the average is 219 mm?

Oak Beams and Planks

Ecochoice Ltd
Our Oak planks and beams are used by the building, landscaping, rail and civil industries. Oak framers rely on us for fresh sawn and air dried (AD) Oak beams with which they produce beautiful buildings. Oak beams can be incorporated to created beautiful homes ...