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600 Series - Hufcor

Hufcor, Inc.
Hufcor® 600 Series are designed for the installation throughout the world. The durable designs are perfect for large hotels ballrooms, convention centers and exhibition halls. Hufcor 600 Series panels are installed in some of the most prestigious properties t...

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Kudos Sliding Folding Partitions - High Spec Operable Partitions

Moving Designs
The Kudos Sliding Folding Partitions are UK manufactured to the highest specification. They offer an effective space solution for many environments including offices, educational establishments, sporting facilities, dining and entertainment facilities, religio...

Forte Straight-Sliding

A simple straight sliding system using acoustic absorption wall technology the Forte Straight/Sliding is top hung but offers a floor track if required and can offer multiple panels joined together so that all panels move as one. Suitable for a wide variety of ...

Forte Sliding-Folding

Forte Sliding/Folding is a solid moveable wall of hinged panels either top hung or floor supported, offering the same wide array of stylish finishes shared throughout the entire Forte Range. The manual operation offers a simplistic and low mainenance approach....

Uno & Duplo

Uno and Duplo partitions are an economic answer to the division of large and small areas. The systems are top hung without the need for floor rails or guides. Both systems are 'tailor-made' to fit thereby avoiding the need to adapt openings to suit standard si...

Commandoor full glass with Multi Electric

Multiwal UK
Type U Edge protection aluminium profiles When the wall is closed, there is 6 mm of visible aluminium profiles Frame construction: Fully self-supporting aluminium frame construction. The panel connections consist of vertical aluminium panel side profile...

Scenic Straight-Sliding

A straight sliding system that has various applications which include single sliding, double bi-parting, fixed panel and overlapping systems, all will take a variation of up to 12mm glass panels, up to 250kg per panel. The top track profile is made of natural ...

Monoplan - Sliding & Folding Partitions

The Monoplan is a top quality moveable wall system that allows you to optimise the use of available space with speed and ease. These sophisticated acoustic operable walls do not require a floor track and yet once positioned the interlocking panels form a rigi...

SM Folding Walls

This competitively priced system also known as a Hinged Panel Wall combines the ease and speed of a Sliding Folding Partition with the 'permanent' appearance of a Moveable Wall System. By the very nature of its design the system incorporates a pass door at no...

Multi Design

Multiwal UK
The space in which we work defines the effectiveness of our thoughts and actions. Colour is a determining factor in the atmosphere and thus the mood of a space. That is why Multiwal upplies walls in a large variety of colours and finishes, so the mood of your ...
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Did you know that the most common Finish(es) for products within the Sliding & Folding Partitions category are Laminate , Veneer and Dry Wipe?'

Omega Range

CE Solutions Ltd
The Omega Range is our individual panel partition system offering an acoustic insulation rating of up to 59dB. Ideally suited for high specification applications due to the sheer flexibility, numerous stacking arrangements available and the impressive acousti...

Multi Slide

Multiwal UK
Type Multi Slide as standard: Multi Slide U, with edge protection aluminium profiles When the wall is closed, there is 6 mm of visible aluminium profiles Frame construction: Specially developed steel and aluminium frames and free-hanging exterior panels make t...

Alpha Range

CE Solutions Ltd
Where budget is the primary factor, the Alpha Range of Vinyl Concertina partitions offers a low cost alternative to the higher specification movable walls. An easy to use system, the Alpha Range is ideally suited for applications such as schools, nurseries, v...

Versiplan - Sliding & Folding Partitions

The versiplan is a high quality sliding/folding partition, which in the closed position presents a flat panelled elevation entirely free of visible hinges. The system is available in four levels of acoustic insulation from 27dB to 36dB. It can be top hung wi...

Forte Concertina

Forte Concertina is a tried and tested economical system for quickly and eaily dividing a wide range of areas. Offered in a wide selection of finishes in heavy duty vinyl, MFC or laminate, the Concertina system is particularly suited to residential locations, ...

Select 100 K standard with Multi Electric (or with manual)

Multiwal UK
Type Select 100 K: Standard type Select K, with inlaid aluminium profiles Type K: When the wall is closed, there are no visible aluminium profiles Double internal rubber sealing strips ABS edgings to match the colour of the wall Solid edges are optional Approx...

Movawall Type 100

Movawall Systems Ltd
Movawall Type 100 is the top of the range and market leader in the world of movable acoustic walls. It consists of top hung individual solid panels, requiring no floor track and forming a flush, flat wall when closed. Three alternative operation options are av...


Deko Scotland
Like our DEKO MV panel walls, DEKO MV Glass is particularly suited to dividing up large spaces into smaller units, and with specific requirements for stacking and installation. The fully glazed panel walls with a single layer of glass are the ideal supplement...

Track System

Multiwal UK
The sophisticated track systems and noiseless bearing rollers ensure that very little effort is required to move and park the panels. Bearing rollers with high-quality roller technology have been specially developed for the Multiwal moveable walls. These syste...

Sigma Straight Slider

CE Solutions Ltd
The Sigma Straight Slider is an easy to use top hung, push/pull straight sliding system offering a mid level acoustic performance. Fitted with fixed top and bottom brush seals it can offer an acoustic insulation up to 38dB. With a maximum panel width of 1,220...
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Did you know that the most common Operation for products within the Sliding & Folding Partitions category are Manual , Electrical and Electricity?'

Movawall Type 400

Movawall Systems Ltd
Movawall Type 400 vinyl concertina partition is available in top hung or bottom roller options. The steel pantograph frame is covered with a flame retardant heavy duty PVC coated fabric available in a large range of colours. Sound reduction is offered at Rw 15...