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Search 10 Insulating Coatings from leading Thermal Insulation manufacturers including; Rockshell, GTi Direct and Aliva UK Ltd.

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Other popular types of Thermal Insulation include; Insulation Boards, Insulation Slabs and Insulation Systems.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Insulating Coatings include; Colour(s), Max Pack Size and Material(s).

Politerm Blu - Lightweight Thermal Insulating Screed

GTi Direct
GTi Direct are the UK supplier of Politerm Blu Super Lightweight Thermal Insulating Base Screed. Super light aggregates Fuel savings Saves time Saves money The complete range of super light and high thermal insulating aggregates based on pre-coated virgin...

High-quality insulated render

Aliva UK Ltd
Given that more than a third of the heat in a building is lost through its walls, high-quality insulated render that delivers a crisp, contemporary finish is a must for any energy-conscious building project. Aliva’s insulated render meets modern thermal req...

Cork Insulation

Cork is obtained from the cork oak – a forest tree with the particular feature of allowing itself to be stripped of the outer casing which it then regenerates. The bark is stripped first when the tree is 20 to 30 years old, subsequent strippings take place e...

Nu-Guard NRG Clear

Hydron Protective Coatings Ltd
Nu-Guard NRG Clear is a new generation, unique, clear impregnation utilising the most advanced hybrid chemistry available to produce superior weather protection for masonry walls and bricks....

ROCKPRIME - Insulating Coatings

ROCKWOOL ROCKPRIME® is a mechanically installed, blown loft insulation system which uses granulated ROCKWOOL to create a close fitting insulation layer in the loft space. The system is used to improve the thermal and acoustic insulation of new and existing lo...

Nu-Guard NRG Colour

Hydron Protective Coatings Ltd
Nu-Guard NRG Colour is a new generation, unique, coloured external coating system utilising the most advanced hybrid chemistry available to produce superior weather protection for masonry walls and bricks. Nu-Guard NRG Colour consists of a primer basecoat a...

MetalWhite 2

Garland UK
MetalWhite 2 was specifically designed for application to metal roofs and side walls with unusual geometric designs. MetalWhite 2 can easily be applied over sloped, contoured surfaces and will give long lasting, colourful protection. This coating can be used o...


Garland UK
This asphalt-based roof primer saturates existing felts to form a tough, elastic bonding surface for coatings, and is also used to prime metal, masonry surfaces, and bare concrete roof decks. Its penetrating oils replace the natural asphaltic oils lost through...

Garland PU Primer

Garland UK
Garland PU PrimerGarland PU Primer is a polyurethane primer specifically developed as a sealer or primer for polyurethane coatings such as our White Knight waterproofing system. Suitable substrates are concrete, asbestos, asphalt and wood....

Energizer K Plus FR

Garland UK
Energizer K Plus FR liquid-waterproofing membrane restores the wearing surfaces of membranes and, in some cases, makes it superior to the original surface. The incorporation of KEVLAR® fibres adds increased tensile strength, UV cracking resistance, superior s...
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