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Search 4 Acoustic Booths from leading Acoustic Insulation manufacturers including; Custom Audio Designs, Conabeare Acoustics Ltd and Acoustic Applications Ltd.

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Other popular types of Acoustic Insulation include; Sound Absorber Panels & Tiles, Acoustic Insulation Systems and Acoustic Insulation Boards.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Acoustic Booths include; Depth, Width and Length.

Acoustic Audio Sound Booths

Custom Audio Designs
Made from self-supporting modular panels, acoustic door and window. Designed for acoustic isolation and internal absorption....

Chiller Acoustic Packages

Conabeare Acoustics Ltd
High Quality Chiller Acoustic Packages which will provide attenuation levels from 5dBA up to 18dBA reduction whilst giving an aesthetically pleasing appearance. All Chiller Acoustic Packages are designed to suit each individual application to ensure that ai...

Acoustic Booths for Loudspeakers

Acoustic Applications Ltd
Acoustic Booths to house loudspeakers intended to mitigate noise breakout from the Beer Garden of a public house and popular music venue, prompted by noise complaints from a nearby address. To design, manufacture, deliver and install two ‘acoustic booths’...

Turnkey Acoustic Projects

Conabeare Acoustics Ltd
We are able to design, manufacture and install High Quality and high performance Noise Control Projects to various Industries. Our capability includes Acoustic, Airflow and Structural Design work as well as the manufacture and installation or complex projects ...