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    SureSet Car Park Paving

    SureSet UK Ltd
    With Council budgets under pressure, car park surfaces are no longer required to just be functional and practical. There is increasing demand to create car parks that are a cost effective, attractive, safe environment by: Improving the long-term appearance ...

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    Country Kerb

    Country Kerb is a heavy duty commercial kerbing system and is manufactured in a 250x125x915mm size and an exclusive new 255x145x915mm size due to customer demand. This product is designed with strength and endurance in mind and is ideal for large commercial sc...

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    Tegula Setts

    Tumbled aged appearance. Tegula Setts are the ideal product for bordering any of the Tobermore paving products. They blend perfectly with rumbled products such as Tegula and Retro but also provide the essential contrast to the modern finishes of Sienna or Shan...

    D3800HD Automatic Barrier

    Ultimation Direct Ltd
    The D3800 Heavy Duty Barrier is an automatic raise arm barrier is designed to offer long term reliability, efficient smooth operation, and maximum durability. This makes it ideal for applications where constant vehicle movements are experienced such as ports,...

    Ligna-Design® & Quadriligna®

    Blyko Paving Products
    Paving designed and manufactured to create a stylish contemporary feel using an interesting range of colours mixes, textures and linear sizes. The water resistance is increased by the use of Aquafreni® an inert water resistant additive that forms part of th...

    Supa-Trac - Temporary Trafficable Event Surface

    Groundtrax Systems Ltd
    Supa-Trac temporary event surface is suitable for medium or heavy weight use and protects the ground underneath as well as protecting the cars, vehicles or people from the ground. The Supa-Trac™ panels are quick and easy to install with up to 70 m2 laid per ...

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    Clearmac® resin bound paving

    Resin surface: Clearmac® cold-applied resin bound paving provides a hardwearing textured surface, resistant to the weathering effects of UV radiation from sunlight and to softening or degradation by oils, fuels and some commonly-used solvents. The surface is ...

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    SureSet School Paving

    SureSet UK Ltd
    From major redevelopment schemes of prestigious universities to small refurbishment projects for village primary schools, we have a wealth of experience working with a wide variety of educational establishments. This experience is your assurance that we und...

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    AluExcel Aluminium Edging

    Hard surface aluminium edging that is flexible, sleek and effective. AluExcel is the ultimate commercial aluminium edging solution for hard surfaces, whether it be asphalt, resin bonded or loose gravel, blocks, driveways, bricks or paving slabs and kerb edging...

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    CellPave 65 - Heavy Grade Paving Grids

    Groundtrax Systems Ltd
    CellPave 65 heavy grade paving grids – the ideal solution for intensive car parking and HGV roadway access areas. A high strength, high specification product made in the UK. CellPave 65 is capable of withstanding heavy loads, particularly when filled with...


    Blyko Paving Products
    The totally natural high quality of the aggregates and pigments used in our Kograstones makes for a range of deep long-lasting colours.  With a varied selection of both linear and block sizes Kograstones combine well to make interesting durable designs. Kogr...


    Hanson Formpave
    Aquapave is a range of 60mm deep blocks which are fully compatible with the Aquaflow system. The specially shaped blocks allow water to permeate through to the lower levels, helping to prevent local flooding. Available in a wide range of colours and styles, Aq...

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    Natural Granite Paving Slabs

    Natural Granite is the perfect choice if you're looking to add a modern look and feel to your outdoor space. With its straight machine cut edges, textured top surface and choice of two colours, Natural Granite is available in four sizes including the new large...

    Recycled plastic plank Black 25mm x 50mm x 3m

    Filcris Ltd
    Designed originally as a roofing batten, this product has a slightly softer mix of plastics which makes it more flexible (nearly as flexible as our Flexible Edging Plank) and able to be nailed with a nailgun. This makes it especially suitable for use as a mini...

    Heather Sandstone

    Natural Paving Products Ltd
    Heather is a naturally riven sandstone available in a traditional project pack and circle kit (see Classic Circles section for more details). With strong, attractive colour tones Heather makes a beautiful addition to any garden. Please note that the image to...

    Noir Gold Granite

    Natural Paving Products Ltd
    Noir Gold is a dark flamed granite, rich in colour with a subtle gold sparkle and lightly textured surface. The straight cut edges give a contemporary feel to this glistening product which creates a real wow factor for outdoor entertaining....

    Carbon Black Limestone

    Natural Paving Products Ltd
    A dark limestone, Carbon Black is a riven hand cut stone. With a NEW squared edge project pack option, you can create a modern twist on a traditional pattern and rustic surface with these contrasting smooth squared edges. To complete the look, Carbon Black i...

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    Aggregate Industries
    Revolutionary range of flag and block paving with all the inherent beauty of indigenous stone. Three stunning shades of grey replicating natural granite and yorkstone Pencil chamfer for enhanced aesthetics and protection against laying damage Up to 50% re...

    Onyx Quartzite

    Natural Paving Products Ltd
    Onyx is a distinctive dark quartzite, with a natural, lightly textured and riven finish. With its own subtle sparkle, Onyx is ideal for creating a monochrome look....

    Garden Edge

    Choose from our wide range of decorative garden edging products to add the finishing touch to any of our ranges of paving blocks or flags. Edges can be softened by planting close to the path verge and allowing the planting to flow naturally over the edges on...

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    Pembroke Paving Flag

    Available in a 5-size mix, the Pembroke range comes in a choice of colours and finishes ensuring that it fits in any landscape design....

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