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Other popular types of Water Supplies include; Cold Water Storage Tanks, Water Heaters and Solar Collector Panels.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Hot Water Storage include; Material(s), Typical Use and Max Water Storage.

Chemical Dosing Pots

Dutypoint Systems
The Dutypoint range of dosing pots provides a safe, controlled method of dosing chemicals into heating and chilled water systems with no interruption to the system operation. Dutypoint dosing pots are supplied as a complete package with all valves and tundish ...

Standard range

Andrews Water Heaters
The standard range of gas storage water heaters from Andrews Water Heaters should be located close to the points of use, thus eliminating heat losses during transmission and reducing running costs. They have very fast recovery rates making them a great solutio...

HIflo - Hot Water Storage

Andrews Water Heaters
The HI-flo range of commercial storage water heaters from Andrews has a fast recovery rate and is therefore perfect for applications where the demand for hot water peaks at certain times, for example hotels, hospitals and leisure centres. HI-flo water heaters ...

EnerVal - Hot Water Storage

Primary mild steel buffer vessel available from 200-6000 l with a maximum working pressure of 3 bar g. Larger vessels available on request....

Balanced flue range

Andrews Water Heaters
The Andrews Water Heaters Balanced Flue range of storage water heaters offers all the advantages of a standard water heater but with the additional benefit of a balanced flue. The concentric flue system draws air from outside the building so it is suitable for...

Slim Jayne 3in1 Tank Set 

Controlled Flame Boilers Ltd
A compact packaged solution, the Slim Jayne tank set offers the functionality of a feed, condense and blowdown tank in a single compact unit. Designed to fit in a corner and occupy minimal floor space, the Slim Jayne tank set offers the added benefits of low m...

Horizontal and Vertical Pressure Vessels - Mild Steel

Dutypoint Systems
Available in horizontal and vertical versions, the Dutypoint range of expansion vessels cover a wide range of project requirements. These vessels provide pressure storage for water up to 99°C and are widely used in water pressure booster sets and pressurisati...