Below-Ground Drainage

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    Ex-stock Boiler Pipe Casing

    Our 'Ex-stock' pipe casings range can be used above or below the boiler, providing a simple, quick and cost effective solution for concealing gas and central heating pipe work as well as flues. Manufactured from lightweight and durable 5mm thick plywood, the ...

    Universal Gully

    ACO Technologies
    The ACO Universal Gully provides fast and simple connection between any channel up to 200mm bore width in the ACO channel drainage range....

    Aco Multi drain MD PPD
    ACO MultiDrain™ PPD benefits from HexTechnology™, an advanced process of plastic design and manufacturing technology. The hexagonal structure of the channel provides exceptional strength and rigidity whilst keeping weight to a minimum. The system is full...

    Aco Multi drain MD
    Manufactured from polymer concrete, ACO MultiDrain™ MD System is tough and robust and provides high chemical resistance. The lightweight design ensures quick and easy installation. As standard, channels are manufactured with UltraSTEEL protective edge rails....

    UB411 - Below-Ground Drainage Fittings

    Marley Plumbing & Drainage Solutions
    Short radius bend, R-suffix denotes ribbed fitting (110 mm)...

    ASPEN Colorado Heavy Duty Drain Channel

    ASPEN by Canal Engineering Limited
    The standard range of Colorado Heavy Duty Drainage Channel is manufactured in lengths suitable for the drainage system design. Cell bars are welded at one metre intervals to prevent the drain covers from sliding and aid installation. Suitable for hygienic env...

    Circular Concrete Pipes

    Stanton Bonna Concrete
    Customers have successfully installed our circular concrete pipes, junctions and bends for the past 90 years on a diverse range of projects, across the length and breadth of the UK, from a few metres to tens of kilometres on major road projects. Circular conc...

    Zylo Pipe Boxing, Pipe Casings, Boiler Casing and Skirting Covers

    BSMW Products Limited
    Zylo preformed pipe boxing products are a design registered and patented range of building encasement systems designed and manufactured by BSMW Products Ltd who are the leading innovators within the pipe boxing industry for over 25 years. BSMW are the only...

    Conder Wash Down and Silt Separators

    Premier Tech Aqua
    Conder Wash Down Separators and Silt Traps are designed to remove silt. They are used in areas such as car washes, pressure wash facilities or other cleaning facilities and must be discharged to the foul water drainage system....

    AGS Rigid Coupling - Style W07

    Style W07 is the first rigid two-piece coupling for 14"/350mm to 50"/1250mm piping using Advanced Groove System Technology. Working pressures shown are based on standard wall carbon steel pipe roll grooved in accordance with Victaulic specifications....
    Did you know that the most common Material(s) for products within the Below-Ground Drainage category are Concrete , polypropylene and PVC-U?'

    AGS Expansion Joint - Style W155

    Pressure rated to conform to the pressure ratings of Victaulic Style W77/W07 AGS couplings. Supplied with AGS grooves to permit fast installation without field preparation. Advance Groove System (AGS) products must not be used to join original groove system (O...

    Bespoke Boiler Pipe Casing

    Our ‘Bespoke’ casings can be used above or below the boiler to provide a simple, quick and cost effective solution for concealing gas and central heating pipe work, as well as flues, with the added flexibility of being factory manufactured to exact boiler ...

    Direct connection gratings cast iron trapped

    Wade International Ltd
    For applications where a gully body is not required....

    ASPEN Anti Backflow Valve

    ASPEN by Canal Engineering Limited
    The Standard Anti Backflow Valve is designed to close off the outlet to prevent foul water and debris returning into a gully or room. The Anti Backflow Valve is available in two sizes to accommodate different flow rates. * Please note: We do not store credit...

    BN-O / OL Plank

    Lichtgitter UK Ltd
    Perforated metal planks, type BN-O (holes open), offer excellent stability with the upwardly punched holes. The drain holes, with a diameter of 8 mm, also guarantee good drainage. The BN-O grating guarantees high stability under normal pedestrian traffic. Typ...

    Wavin R-315 IC E-Base-Straight BK 110

    General information EAN 5027888277428 Catalogue code 34NE300 Attributes Product type Inspection Chamber Material Polypropylene Colour Black Ø 315 Length 0 Width 0 Height 0...

    Precast Concrete Headwalls

    Stanton Bonna Concrete
    Precast concrete headwalls for drainage outfall connections into open water areas including collection ponds, swales and rivers. The strength and durability of precast concrete headwalls preserves the surrounding environment by minimising erosion at the outfal...

    Standard Manholes

    Stanton Bonna Concrete
    Manhole chamber rings are manufactured with tongue and groove joints designed to accommodate flexible jointing strip or cement mortar. Manhole rings can be supplied as plain ring and above DN 900 with mild or stainless steel plastic encapsulated double steps o...

    Open Mesh Covers and Frames

    Arcova (UK) Ltd
    The fabricated grating range is applicable to all standard loading groups Most cover options are available in this range. For each loading group, three configurations of cover are available. - single and twin units - continuous version for access to tren...

    Welded Steel Grating for walkways and industrial flooring

    Anping Vical
    Welded steel grating is manufactured using an automated process combining hydraulic pressure with a powerful electric welding current which electro-forges the bearing bars and the cross bars to form a single rigid panel. Welded Steel Bar Grating is the most po...
    Did you know that the Diameter for products within the Below-Ground Drainage category, can range from 2.7 mm to 2400 mm and the average is 584 mm?

    OsmaD 450mm SQ Reces-d C-Frame 25kN 0

    General information EAN 5011479121030 Catalogue code 4D945 Attributes Product type Cover for Manhole/Chamber Material Steel Colour Silver Ø 450 Length 0 Width 0 Height 0...

    Below-Ground Drainage Building Products

    Below-Ground Drainage products and systems are water and soil drainage systems that are routed underground rather than above the surface.
    Below-Ground Drainage systems offer a wide range of applications, including private drains, public and private sewers, foul and surface water applications, filter drains, and more.
    Through SpecifiedBy, you can search the marketplace to access and compare the most diverse range of Below-Ground Drainage products in the UK including access points, grease traps and converters, manholes, gully gratings, pipe protection, septic tanks, separators and convertors, and rodding points, from leading suppliers such as ACO Technologies, Encasement, Gatic, Marmox, SealEco, Wavin, Yeoman Rainguard, and Marley Plumbing and Drainage Solutions.
    Search and compare Above-Ground Drainage components and systems including cesspools, universal junctions, commercial channel drainage, boiler pipe casing, pipe boxing, gas flue inspection panels, sustainable drainage systems, concrete pipes, attenuation tanks, soil systems, grease convertors, and universal gullies.