Where Can I Purchase LST Radiators?

Installing LST radiators into a space can create safer environments for staff and service users or students. Choosing the right supplier for you is vital to ensuring that you receive the best heating solutions for your needs.

Contour Heating have been blogging about where you can purchase LST radiators from and the options that we can provide to you to give the LST radiators that best match your requirements.

Consider Your Requirements

Different spaces have different requirements that need to be met. This could include:

• Different colours to match the aesthetics

• Vertical radiators to fit narrow spaces

• Easy access for cleaning


If you’re looking to create a theme or to remove the clinical look of a space, such as hospital ward, a coloured LST radiator could be the best way to accommodate that need.  

Similarly, you may want to use a particular colour because of the impact that it has on the feel of an area.

Green and blue are traditionally calming colours and can be beneficial in waiting rooms or on hospital wards where a peaceful atmosphere is vital to help manage potentially stressful situations.

Purchasing LST radiators in the right colour for your space can dramatically impact the way that your space feels and give you a heating solution that goes beyond just heating the space by creating the ideal atmosphere as well.

Working from a RAL Chart, Contour can supply LST radiators in a colour of your choice to match the aesthetics of your space.

Working in close consultation with you, we can understand the look that you want to create for your space and make recommendations on the appropriate colours to use.

For example; if you’re looking to install LST radiators into a hospital ward treating heart patients, we would recommend calming colours such as pale greens and blues, rather than red, as this could actually raise patient blood pressure!

Vertical Radiators

A one-size-fits all approach doesn’t always work when you’re creating heating systems. Certain spaces have limited wall spaces because of large windows or because of the size of the room, such as a bathroom.  

In these instances, it’s important that you have the option to purchase bespoke LST radiators that are an exact match for size and space requirements of the area you’re installing into.

You may even choose a vertical LST radiator if that’s what your space demands. Vertical radiators can free up valuable space for furniture in spaces such as GP surgeries, school halls or hospital waiting rooms.

Contour manufacture LST radiators on a bespoke basis to ensure that no matter what space we’re working with, we can create a heating solution for you.

We will consult with you to understand your spaces and the sizes that you need to achieve optimal heat output and manufacture an LST radiator heating solution to meet that.

Easy Access For Cleaning

Dust caught inside radiator covers can fester and bacteria can grow as a result. This can increase the risk of infection which in turn can result in higher school absenteeism or prolonged hospital stays.

In these situations, a heating solution that allows easier access for cleaning is key to reducing the chance of infection spreading.

Contour LST radiators can be installed with Rotarad rotating valves that allow you to drop the radiator down to floor level so that the wall behind the radiator can be cleaned and the dust and bacteria removed.

For further assurance, our LST radiators come with BioCote® anti-microbial technologies. BioCote® has been proven to inhibit the presence of harmful bacteria such as MRSA and E-Coli by up to 99.5% in just two hours.


Getting the right LST radiator for your space is vital and it’s important you find a manufacturer who meets those requirements.

Contour Heating work on a bespoke basis with every customer to ensure that we meet your needs no matter what they are.

Whether you require a particular colour, size or a design that allows you to have easier access to clean, we can accommodate it by working in close consultation with you throughout the project.

Would you like to find out more about getting bespoke heating solutions for your space? Get in touch to speak to a heating expert today!

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