How Many LST Radiators Do You Need?

Getting the right number of LST radiators to meet the temperature requirements can vary based on the size of the environment that you have available.

Here at Contour, we’ve been blogging about how you can ensure that you get the right number of LST radiators for your space.

Understand Your Heat Output Requirements

There are a number of factors at play that could affect the number of LST radiators that you need for your space. These include: 

The nature of the space will affect the level of heat output that you need. Large spaces that will be used by a lot of people will have heating requirements radically different from a kitchen, for example.

Kitchens are often hot, busy environments with heat being generated by ovens and cooking equipment, particularly large-scale operations such as ones based in hospitals, schools or care homes.

A school hall, however, may need a greater number of LST radiators to account for the vastness of the space. The heat output of these will depend on how the space is being used.

When the whole school is gathered for an assembly for example, you may not need to strive for higher temperatures as the number of people in the room with mean there is a lot of body heat contributing to the temperature.

If small groups such as a single class are working in there however, you may need to utilise a greater heat output from your LST Radiators.

To understand what heat output you need for the space, use a BTU calculator. BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. The calculator will consider:

• The size of the room (height, width and length

• The type of room

• The number, size and type of windows

• The number of exterior walls

• Will the radiator go under windows?

From this, you will get a BTU number, which gives you an understanding of the level of heat output, and therefore how many LST radiators your space will need.

Bespoke Heating From Contour

Our standard LST radiators that you can choose from are the Type 11 consisting of one panel and one convector, a Type 12, which has a double panel with only one convector or a Type 22 which has a double convector and a double panel.  

However, if you require a stronger heat output, we offer a Type 33 on a bespoke basis.

A Type 33 is the same as a Type 22 except it has an additional convector and an additional panel, giving a much higher heat output.

Depending on the type that you choose and the required heat output, Contour can supply the right number of LST radiators to match your requirements in the size and specifications that match your space.


Different spaces will require different numbers of LST radiators depending on the heat output needed to get the room to the right temperature.  

Using a BTU calculator, you can understand what heat output you need and how many LST radiators you will require to achieve that.

Here at Contour Heating, we can provide bespoke heating solutions to suit the needs of any space, accommodating the size and heat output requirements that you specify.

Would you like to find out more? Get in touch to speak to a heating expert today .

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