Can I Have A Free Standing LST Radiator?

In commercial environments such as offices, hospitals and schools the design of the space can sometimes make the installation of a wall mounted heating system difficult and an alternative solution is required.

Contour has been blogging about the alternative option of a free-standing LST radiator and how it can help you to create safe heating for your spaces.

What Is A Free Standing LST Radiator?

A freestanding LST radiator is a radiator that can be placed anywhere in a room rather than mounted against the wall in the way that a standard LST would be.

The pipework for a freestanding LST radiator comes into the bottom through the floor rather than along or in the walls.

The LST Radiator is fitted using a free-standing floor mounted bracket. Once it’s been installed and the pipework has been fitted the LST radiator cover can be installed.

The radiator cover for a freestanding LST is designed slightly differently to that of a wall mounted one. Instead of being against the wall, the cover is fitted to the floor so that there is no restriction one where the free-standing LST can be installed.

Where Can You Install Free Standing LST Radiators?

Freestanding LST radiators are designed with the intention that they can be installed anywhere.

This gives you the freedom of choice when it comes to creating a heating system that suits the needs of the space.

In environments with limited wall space, such as where windows are installed floor to ceiling, a freestanding LST radiator can make the ideal solution for creating safe heating no matter what the layout of the space is.

Free-standing LST radiators are also useful in the following environments:

• School halls and corridors

• Offices and commercial spaces

• Waiting rooms looking to use wall space to showcase information

• Between columns or behind handrails

• Reception areas

In residential spaces such as care homes, hospices and respite facilities, additional spaces are added onto the building to create places for service users to relax in light, airy environments such as conservatories.

A freestanding LST radiator could be beneficial here because these environments often use uPVC panels which cannot support surface mounted pipework.

With pipework coming through the floor, the space be set to an optimal temperature with a safe heating solution that suits the design needs of the space.

A freestanding LST radiator is best suited to an environment where the pipework comes through the floor.

However, Contour can offer cutouts for the pipework if it’s currently surface mounted but you’re looking to install free-standing LSTs.


A freestanding LST radiator can be beneficial in spaces where wall space is limited because of large windows or the nature of the wall panels.

They are designed with the pipework coming through the floor rather than the wall meaning that they can be placed anywhere in a room.

If pipework doesn’t currently come through the floor, Contour can offer cutouts that will allow a free-standing LST radiator to be fitted.

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