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Black Isle Renewables Ltd
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Ground Source Heat Pumps

by Black Isle Renewables Ltd

Ground Source Heat Pumps

by Black Isle Renewables Ltd

Ground source heat pumps work by extracting heat from the ground and transferring it to your home heating and hot water system. They provide constant heat, all year round – no matter what the weather.
How it works:

The heat pump circulates a mixture of water and antifreeze in a buried loop of pipe, called a ground loop. The fluid absorbs heat from the ground, and is then pumped through a heat exchanger. It’s then passed through a compressor, and concentrated to a higher temperature, capable of heating water for radiators, underfloor heating and hot water circuits. The ground loop fluid, now cooler, passes back into the ground, and the process repeats.
The length of the ground loop depends on the size of your property, and how much heat you need. Longer ground loops can draw more heat from the ground, but they need more space in which to be buried. Normally, the pipe is buried in one metre deep trenches. However, if there’s not enough space in your garden for this, a vertical loop can be installed, in a borehole. When we visit your property, we’ll determine which system is right for you, and design a system to suit your particular needs.
Unlike gas or oil boilers, a heat pump delivers a lower temperature over a long period. During the winter, you may need to leave it on all the time to heat your house efficiently. It also means that your radiators won’t feel as hot to the touch as they do with a gas or oil boiler.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

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