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Wrightstyle Ltd
Structural Frames & Walls > Facade Glazing > Curtain Wall Systems

Blast Resistant Curtain Wall Facades

by Wrightstyle Ltd

Blast Resistant Curtain Wall Facades

by Wrightstyle Ltd

The SG blast resistant curtain wall facade system offers a significant development in the design of blast mitigation glazing systems. Designed as a primary protection system to prevent integrity failure of the glazing and framing support from bomb blasts.
The system can achieve protection from explosive risks placed within a close proximity to the façade. Recent live bomb blast tests have been carried out and videos can be viewed via the links on this page.
Blast Resistant Curtain Wall – slim sightlines
The narrow 60mm sightline, in combination with the structurally glazed exterior, gives the appearance of any other non-specialised steel curtain wall facade system. This enables the designer to move away from the traditional wide profiles normally associated with blast resistant systems. Glass curtain walling facades can now be used extensively and safely – bomb proof buildings no longer have to look like concrete bunkers.
There is a vast range of differences in the design details depending on the level of protection required; not only size of bomb blast but how close a proximity; all this needs to be taken into consideration before accurate technical information and design can be advised.
An up to date specification guide is available by the link below (blast resistant systems datasheet). This specification contains the measurements and results from the official report of the latest bomb test explosions.
Blast Resistant Glass
Designed as a primary protection product, for use in our tested bomb resistant steel glazing systems. The glass prevents the fragmentation associated with normal glass. This is widely acknowledged as the main cause of injury when a building is subject to an explosive attack.
Blast resistant glass is constructed using a plastic medium that can remain elastic under pressure load. The glass absorbs and disperses the impact pressure wave whilst retaining broken glass and flying debris.

Blast Resistant Curtain Wall Facades

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