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Wrightstyle design, test and supply a complete range of high quality, high specification, specialist steel and glass systems. Our systems are designed as a cost effective solution for special applications, and are backed up by an extensive testing and development programme.

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The T-series curtain wall system, like others in the WSL steel curtain wall range, is thermally broken, gasket glazed, self-draining and pressure equalised, with the ability to span large expanses unassisted. It can be erected in stick format, or site welded.
T-Series Curtain Wall Wrightstyle Ltd
Our system offers protection from sound intrusion within the working environment.

Sound in the workplace
In the workplace noise pollution has an impact on staff morale, efficiency and productivity; a lack of sound privacy has proved to be one of the bigges...
Sound Protection Wrightstyle Ltd
Bomb resistant, bomb proof, blast resistant, anti-terrorist, security enhancement – there is a vast range of expressions used – but it all boils down to the same thing; how to protect buildings without making them look like a concrete bunker.

The Wrightst...
Blast - Bomb Proof Wrightstyle Ltd
A wide range of slimline, cold rolled, thermally broken steel systems, in an array of finishes, including brass.

Secco Sistemi is an Italian trademark leader in the production of systems for doors, windows and facades in galvanized steel, stainless steel, c...
Secco Slimline Wrightstyle Ltd
Fire Resistant Glass
We can supply a huge range of fire resistant glass.  The type of glass supplied will of course depend on the specifications and the framing system being used.

There are basically two types of fire resistant glass.

Integrity Only
This pre...
Fire Resistant Glass Wrightstyle Ltd
To compliment our ballistic steel glazing systems, we offer a complete range of bullet resistant glass, tested to all classes of weapons.

Range of Bullet Resistant Glass
Our range of ballistic steel glazing systems and glass have been tested to the following ...
Bullet Resistant Glass Wrightstyle Ltd

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